Sithonia Beaches Map

Explore all the Beaches on the Sithonia and their exact location. Sithonia is a place with the sandiest beaches in Greece, and every year more and more are awarded Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety and excellent water quality. Although we have tried hard, this is not the final list as Sithonia can always surprise you with another bay or hidden beach. With more than 100 blue sandy beaches, exploring Sithonia is a unique experience that will bring you back every year to this beautiful peninsula.
  1. Metamorfosi Beach google-maps-icon-small
  2. Porfi Beach google-maps-icon-small
  3. Nikiti Beach   google-maps-icon-small
  4. Kastri Beach   google-maps-icon-small
  5. Agios Ioannis Beach google-maps-icon-small
  6. Koviou Beach google-maps-icon-small
  7. Kalogria Beach   google-maps-icon-small
  8. Spathies Beach google-maps-icon-small
  9. Elia Beach (Akti Elia) google-maps-icon-small
  10. Lagomandra Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  11. Nikitis Beach google-maps-icon-small
  12. Tripotamos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  13. Neos Marmaras Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  14. Porto Carras Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  15. Koutsoupia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  16. Diaporti Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  17. Likithos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  18. Azapiko Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  19. Aretes Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  1. Secret Paradise Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  2. Tristika Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  3. Destenika Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  4. Ema Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  5. Toroni Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  6. Porto Koufo Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  7. Marathias Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  8. Secret Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  9. Lemos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  10. Sithonia Cape google-maps-icon-small
  11. Ampelos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  12. Mamba Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  13. Thalatta Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  14. Kalamitsi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  15. Klimataria Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  16. Kriaritsi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  17. Kriastri Twen Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  18. Tigania Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  19. Prassou Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  1. Ai Giannis Beach = 5 google-maps-icon-small
  2. Turkolimnionas Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  3. Pigadakia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  4. Linaraki Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  5. Sykia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  6. Valti Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  7. Agridia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  8. Goa Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  9. Platania Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  10. Sarti Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  11. Achlada Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  12. Platanitsi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  13. Kavurotripes  google-maps-icon-small
  14. Orange Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  15. Paradise Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  16. Paradisos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  17. Armenistis Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  18. Manassu Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  19. Robinson Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  1. Banana Rodia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  2. Bahia Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  3. Zografou Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  4. Koutloumousi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  5. Bara Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  6. Fava Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  7. Karydi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  8. Vourvourou Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  9. Livari Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  10. Myrsini Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  11. Blue Lagoon  google-maps-icon-small
  12. Karagatsi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  13. Lagonisi Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  14. Latoura Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  15. Ormos Panagias  google-maps-icon-small
  16. Trani Ammouda  google-maps-icon-small
  17. Pirgos Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  18. Olive Grove Beach  google-maps-icon-small
  19. Salonikiou Beach  google-maps-icon-small

If you want to see more wild nature and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, head to the Sithonia peninsula. The beaches in Sithonia are among the best in Greece.

Finding the most incredible beaches in Sithonia might be difficult because there are so many to pick from. However, all beaches in Sithonia have one thing in common: warm sand and crystal-clear blue water. With 100 sandy beaches, you could spend three months on Greece’s Sithonia peninsula and visit a new beach every day!


Sithonia Beches map visitSithonia

Orange Beach (Kavourotripes) is one of the most famous landmarks in Sithonia, uniquely describing the “wild nature” of this beautiful peninsula. With its unique turquoise light blue watercolor, its sandy beaches, and a lining of smooth rocks, this beach deserves to be visited at least once, and we’re sure that it wouldn’t be your last visit. At the peak of the holiday season, a crowd is almost guaranteed, so you should keep that in mind.

Trani Ammouda (Livrohio Beach) is one of Sithonia’s most enormous (almost 2 km long) and most beautiful beaches. This beach will overtake you with the beautiful sea color in the sandy shallows. Although at the peak of the summer season you can expect a lot of people on this beach as well, it is big and wide enough that you will surely find a place for yourself even when the crowds on this beach are the biggest. If you want to avoid beach bars and their amenities, make sure to bring your umbrella and sun protection due to the lack of natural shade.

Lagomandra Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on the western side of Sithonia. It is known for its most remarkable natural shade because this large sandy beach leans against a dense pine forest, which provides plenty of natural shade. Because of this and its beauty, this beach attracts a lot of tourists and you can always expect a lot of people on it.

Armenistis Beach is located within Armenistis Camp – the most popular camp in Greece. This camp will enchant you with its unique atmosphere and hospitality, and what will put the cherry on top of the cake is the sandy beach in this camp with an amazing light blue watercolor. You will feel as if you are in a huge blue pool – a unique experience.

Sarti Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best-organized beaches on the eastern side of Sithonia. It ‘belongs’ to the village of Sarti but wherever you are located on the Sithonia leg, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this 2,5 km long paradise beach-weather it is on its steeper north part or its gentler south part.

Porto Koufo Beach is a perfect isolated bay surrounded by green lush mountains creating a fairytale-like atmosphere and landscape. A thin strip of white sand borders the calm emerald water, interrupted only by a passing boat or seagulls looking for a meal in the nearby port.

Nikiti Beach with its gentle slope into the sea is a perfect destination for families with children or/and a starting point for touring the whole leg of Sithonia. The water is usually calm and warm and whether you are at the beach or in one of many beach bars/restaurants, you can easily get captivated by mesmerizing sunsets and even spectacular views of playful dolphins.

Karydi Beach on the very south of Vourvourou village is a true gem when it comes to beaches. This one has it all- warm and calm water, fine, white, sparkling sand, pine tree shade in the background and a peaceful atmosphere. With all that being said, don’t be disappointed  if it gets too crowded during peak summer months. So choose early mornings or, even better, off season months ( May, June, Spetember, October). You will love it!