Neos Marmaras Beach

Neos Marmaras Beach

Neos Marmaras is the city that never sleeps. This cosmopolitan location, which attracts hundreds of tourists every year, except for a bustling center and vivid nightlife has magnificent beaches that surprise with their diversity. Two of them, Marmaras 1 & Marmaras 2 beaches were awarded the Blue Flag eco-label for their water quality and the amenities they offer. Summer is here and Neos Marmaras is waiting for you to create memories of a lifetime!


Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is located on the west coast of the Sithonia peninsula, 100 km from Macedonia Airport and 125 km from Thessaloniki. The main Neos Marmaras beach covers the area from the last bay of the town and extends to Porto Carras Hotel. You may also discover many other endless sandy beaches or small coves, crowded or secluded, with shallow or deep crystal clear waters that will beguile you with their natural beauty. So, surrender to the calling of the blue sea!


In Neos Marmaras you can find many restaurants that open all day long and serve local as well as international dishes. Grilled fresh fish is a must. Hotels, studios, and apartments to rent are available in the area for every budget making it the perfect setting for indulging holidays.


Cafes, beach bars, and nightclubs filled with people are spread all over the area, creating an ongoing festive atmosphere that makes the city look like a big party. Water sports and beach volley are great ways to enjoy the sea and the sun. If you like hiking, you should follow the pine tree path that leads to the foothills of mount Itamos to admire the majestic scenery of the deserted Kelyfos (=meaning shell in Greek) island with the turtle-like shape. You can also try having a tour on the fun train through the narrow streets of Neos Marmaras.

Neos Marmaras Beach

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