Sithonia Accommodation Map

Although Porto Carras on the west coast of Sithonia is one of the largest resorts in Greece, the Sithonia peninsula only has a few large resorts. But here you can find so many other types of  accommodations, smaller hotels, apartments and studios, and, of course, dozens of camps.

Porto Carras is largest and most popular resort in northern Greece region. This famous resort includes three luxury parts: the 5-star Meliton, 4-star Sithonia and an exclusive private villa Kalyva Mare. The significance of this resort can be seen in the fact that in June 2003 the Europien Union Summit was held in Porto Carras. Therefore, if you like luxurios resort type of holiday, Porto Carras is the destination for you!

On the other hand, Sithonia is still fully connected with nature, still wild, still a paradise for people who like to explore beautiful vast beaches, small villages, small roads… And, close to that small paradises, you will a lot of small hotels, private apartments and studios for your pleasant stay. 

If you want to stay in small hotels, choose the small towns in  Sithonia, like : Neos Marmaras, Nikiti,  Sarti, Vourvourou… but, if you want to stay in private but lucxury aprtements or studios, you will find them all around the place.