Sithonia peninsula - The Best of Halkidiki, Greece

Sithonia is a peninsula, located on a bigger peninsula of Halkidiki in Northern Greece. Halkidiki has three legs: Kassandra to the west, Sithonia in the middle, and Mount Athos to the east. Sithonia is around 130km from Thessaloniki, where the nearest international airport is. With almost 100 beaches, mostly with Blue flags, with Caribbean white sand and turquoise blue sea. Sithonia is also known as the “Caribbean gem of Greece”. Still, under the radar of mass tourism, wild and beautiful, full of trees and hidden, wonderful beaches, Sithonia is a secret gem in Greece. Sithonia is a perfect spot for explorers, true adventure lovers, and all of us who love to spend the summer holiday on the wild beaches and breathe freedom of nature. Let Visit Sithonia guide you to the best place that the summer holiday can offer!

How to travel to Sithonia?

If you plan to travel by plane, the nearest airport is in Thessaloniki (110km). After you arrive in Thessaloniki (the center of the Northern Greece region) you should start your trip by renting a car and travel via 24 Greece national road following the signs for Halkidiki. When you arrive in Nea Moudania, at the intersection take the exit for Sithonia. When you arrive at Sithonia peninsula, it does not matter which of the two roads you will take – east (towards Vourvourou and Sarti), or west (towards Neos Marmaras) as they both take you around the peninsula. You should take at least 4-5 days to visit all these beautiful places and beaches in the area: Nikiti, Neos Marmaras, Armenistis, Orange Beach, Sarti, Toroni, Ormos Panagias, Thalatta Kalamitsi… You can take a break from these beautiful beaches and check out some of the traditional villages in the area: Sykia, Old Nikiti, Parthenonas, etc.