Top 5 reasons to visit Sithonia

At a little over 100km away from the country’s second-biggest city – Thessaloniki, hidden in the lush nature, lies this amazing peninsula that many call – the Caribbean of  Greece.

1. Some of  the best beaches in Greece

Sithonia peninsula is famous for more than 70 sandy beaches, and over 40 with a blue flag. Most of them are wild and non-commercialized which makes them a real exploring gem. This peninsula is for sure a place in Greece with the most breathtaking beaches, with turquoise sea and soft white sand. There are steep beaches with big waves, flat ones ideal for children. Then there are private ones for just a few people and there are long ones with beach bars and music. You will need at least 7 days to explore just a few and enjoy them but you will need 7 seconds to fall in love with Sithonia.

armenistis beach
Armenistis Beach

2. Amazing nature

If you prefer a holiday away from mass tourism, or you want to spend your time exploring beaches and enjoying nature, Sithonia is the place for you.  The  516.848 km2  of pine forests, vineyards, grasslands, and hills, without many resorts or luxury modern facilities, brings you the feeling of connection with nature that surrounds you. Here you can see the biggest natural harbor in Greece – Porto Koufo as well as one of the oldest pine trees in the world if you go hiking. Oh, and you should probably visit  Ammouliani- the only inhabited island in Halkidiki, mostly because it is nothing less than paradise.

visit sithonia
Sithonia Greece

3. Relaxing atmosphere

It is rarely too hot in Sithonia because of the pine trees everywhere and the soft breeze that wafts among them. It gives this place a wonderful relaxing vibe. And not only that. Everything in Sithonia is slow and aims to celebrate life. You will feel it in the locals’ smiles, on every beach, small shop, restaurant, fishing village, and small bay. So take a sip of Greek Frappe lay back and enjoy life in its purest form. And when you are done relaxing, take a tour around the island and visit all those little picturesque villages away from beaches and seaside areas.

Spathies Beach small paradise
Spathies Beach – Sithonia

4. Camping holiday style

Sithonia peninsula is a place with some of the most beautiful camping sites in the world! If you opt to spend your holiday camping (or glamping!), you will have a very hard task – to choose among more than 10 gorgeous camps in Sithonia. They offer everything you can want in a camp and are a great choice for nature lovers.

sithonia summer camp
Akti Oneirou Luxury Camping

5. Authentic northern Greece culture

As well as the whole area, Sithonia has a rich history, and if you look further, you will find incredible stories from ancient Greece to the heartbreaking 20th-century history of Sithonia.

Sithonia got its name from Sithon – the king of Macedonia who wanted to burn his daughter alive because she almost tricked him so she could marry her love. Fortunately, things turned out fine for everybody in this myth.

The latest population increase happened in 1922 after the Asia Minor catastrophe when the politicians of Greece and Turkey decided to perform the population exchange. Although it sounds like an unimaginable disaster, the new population settled in Sithonia and brought their traditions, music, food, and overall identity. You can still see their old houses all around Sithonia. It is almost like an open-air museum. Of course, you can visit ‘real’ museums and archaeological sites here, too. 

Don’t forget to visit Parthenonas – a village with a rich history dating from the 10th century.

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