Trani Ammouda or Livrohio Beach (or Pirgos)

Livrohio beach, widely known as Trani Ammouda, is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Sithonia, Halkidiki. Trani Ammouda is listed among the most visited landmarks of Sithonia and is one of the fourteen Blue Flag awarded beaches that can guarantee both water quality and safety of the highest standards. According to many tourists’ reviews, Trani Ammouda is the most beautiful beach in Sithonia.

Trani Ammouda – Sithonia Greece

Trani Ammouda Beach Location

Trani Ammouda Beach is located 120 km southeast of Thessaloniki and 500 m from Ormos Panagias, a small fishermen’s village in Sithonia. If you travel from Vourvorou, it will take you about 5 to 10 minutes by car. The sandy beach is 1.8 km long, with overwhelmingly impressive turquoise-colored waters and sandy bottom. Pine forest and olive trees all around the area, combined with the sea and the white sand, form an amazing natural scenery.

It’s also worth exploring the neighboring small sandy beaches and the creek that flows on its southern coast. This marvelous scenic spot is a beautiful and welcoming place for everyone: loners, couples, groups, and families. Enjoy playing in the sun, relax by the sea and rejuvenate both your body and mind!

Trani Ammouda – Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Trani Ammouda Beach Amenities

There is a famous Palm3 SeeWater Aqua Park water playground for children and adults on the Atrani Ammouda beach. There are various beach bars on Trani Ammouda beach and the most popular one is definitely La Mantri beach bar. Delicious seafood is served in several local fish taverns in Ormos Panagias. Super Market’s close distance, as well as souvenir shops, exist within close distance in Ormos Panagias. A wide variety of options on accommodation and taverns is offered just a few meters from the beach.

Trani Ammouda (Livrohio beach) – Sithonia Greece
Trani Ammouda (Livrohio beach) – Sithonia Greece

Trani Ammouda Beach Activities

There are daily departures for daily cruises to Mount Athos to admire the Byzantine architecture that has been gracing the area for more than 10 centuries. Beach bars offer a lot of cold drinks and food in a nice chill beach atmosphere. Close to the famous beach bar is a playground with water slides, for the youngest. A sunrise view on Trani Ammouda is a must.

Livrohio beach
Trani Ammouda

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