The most popular towns and villages in Sithonia

nikiti sithonia halkidiki greece


A municipality and a small town in Sithonia. The beautiful old town is on the left side of the main road. The new part is located on the seashore.


Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is the biggest town in the Sithonia with around 3k permanent residents, but in the summer there are more than 20k happy tourists here.

sarti sithonia halkidiki greece


Sarti is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sithonia. There are many restaurants, taverns, beach bars and one of the most beautiful beaches.

Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki Greece


Vourvourou is a small village on the east coast of the Sithonia peninsula. Although it is not a classical holiday destination, it is very popular and charming.

Toroni Sithonia Greece


Toroni is a small village (but also an ancient Greek city) on the southwest part of Sithonia. It is well known for the best sunsets!



Metamorfosi is the first tourist village you get to when you enter Sithonia. As its name suggests, you will feel the change in the scent, colors and nature.


Agios Nikolaos

A cute traditional little place lies off the usual tourist roads of Sithonia peninsula. But it is actually very well connected by excellent roads to seaside beaches.

Ormos Panagias - Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Ormos Panagias

Ormos Panagias is a small fishing village on the east coast of Sithonia peninsula. If you want to eat fresh seafood, don't forget to visit this beautiful village.

Sykia Sithonia Halkidiki Greece


Sykia It is a traditional village in the Sithonia, with historical roots from the Byzantine period. Here you will find quiet restaurants and great views.

Porto Koufo Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is the largest natural harbour in Greece (in depth). The harbour was even mentioned by the historian Thucydides.

Parthenonas Sithonia Halkidiki Greece


Parthenonas is a traditional village located on a mountain about 5km from Neos Marmaras. Here you can eat the best lamb in this part of Greece.

Kalamitsi Sithonia Halkidiki Greece


Kalamitsi is a small village with one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia peninsula, with nice accommodation, restaurants, bars, etc.



Pyrgadikia is a fishing village in the Sithonia peninsula. It is located in the southeast part of Sithonia. The population is around 400 residents.



Metagkitsi is a small village on the Sithonia peninsula. It's located 140 meters above sea level and has the best roast lamb in this part of Greece.


Diaporos Island

Diaporos island is situated on the northeast side of the Sithonia peninsula, close to the Vourvourou. It is still one of the last standing gems in Sithonia.