Sithonia Camping Map

Beside its famous beaches, Sithonia might quite be the most famous region in Greece  (or Europe) for its amazing camps. All camping lovers probably already know about Sithonia Camping! As this amazing peninsula is becoming increasingly popular, new campsites appear very often, besides the ones that have been there for decades. So now you can choose between more than 20 camps in Sithonia- from wild nature styles to fancy glamping camps. Although it might sound like there is a big difference, it is actually not because all camping experiences are similar- being one with nature while enjoying everything it offers. If you still haven’t tried this way of holiday, you should definitely start in Sithonia and if you already have, we are sure you will come back to us often. Choose your favourite camp in Sithonia and enjoy your summer!
  1. Camping Sunny Bay google-maps-icon-small
  2. Mitari Camping & Villas google-maps-icon-small
  3. Camping Castello google-maps-icon-small
  4. Camping Marmaras google-maps-icon-small
  5. Areti Camping & Bungalows google-maps-icon-small
  6. Iza Camping google-maps-icon-small
  7. Camping Anamour google-maps-icon-small
  8. Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp google-maps-icon-small
  9. Camping Ilias google-maps-icon-small
  10. Camping Tsitreli google-maps-icon-small
  11. Camping Christina google-maps-icon-small
  1. Camping Paradisos google-maps-icon-small
  2. Camping Melissi google-maps-icon-small
  3. Camping Pitsonigoogle-maps-icon-small
  4. Camping Valti ​google-maps-icon-small
  5. Camping Platanitsi google-maps-icon-small
  6. Armenistis Camping & Bungalows google-maps-icon-small
  7. Manassu & Akti Oneirou Luxury Camping google-maps-icon-small
  8. Lacara Camping & Bungalows google-maps-icon-small
  9. Camping Rea google-maps-icon-small
  10. YMCA Summer Camp google-maps-icon-small
thalata camp

Thalatta Camp

As you start discovering the peninsula further inside and pass the magnificent Sarti, interesting Sykia and many various beaches nearby, you will soon come to

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christina camping

Christina Camping

Christina Camping is located on one of the most beautiful and most quiet beaches in Sithonia, Kriaritsi. Kriaritsi beach with Christina Camping is in the

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Camping Pitsoni

The Camping Pitsoni situated in the loveliest part of the fascinating Chalkidiki, at the southern end of Sithonia peninsula (second leg) 150 km from Thessaloniki.

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