Blue Flag Beaches in Sithonia

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Sithonia has amazing beaches of natural beauty with crystal-clean water that can take you on a voyage to the land of magic. Plenty of them has received the Blue Flag certification for the best water quality, lifesaving, and disabled access facilities. So, this summer, prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

Here are the fourteen selected beaches all over Sithonia that have been awarded the Blue Flag for 2016. They will definitely take your breath away!

Sarti Beach

Sarti Beach - Sithonia Greece
Sarti Beach – Sithonia Greece

One of the most popular beach in Sithonia, Sarti beach are full of life and tourist during the summer season. A clean sandy beach with beautiful turquoise waters. Sarti is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sithonia, but its 3km long sandy beach is enough to accommodate all tourists who enjoy the beautiful sea, taverns, and beach bars nearby… read more

Sykia Beach

Sykia beach - Sithonia Greece
Sykia beach – Sithonia Greece

This wonderful beach is located in the southern part of Sithonia, 2 km from Sykia village. If you are looking for a long and wide sandy beach (about 1,5 km long) without crowds, this is the right destination for you. But equip yourself with umbrellas and protective sun creams, because there is no natural shade. There is a diving school nearby… read more

Toroni Beach

toroni - sithonia greece
Toroni Beach – Sithonia Greece

About 2 km long, Toroni Beach offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece… read more

Nikiti Beach

Nikiti Beach - Sithonia Greece
Nikiti Beach – Sithonia Greece

Nikiti Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Halkidiki. A lot of tourists and amenities, and the sandy beach will offer you the best summer vacation. This beach can be crowded in the pick of the summer season (July and August), but it’s 3km long, and you can always find your spot… read more

Platanitsi Beach

Platanitsi Beach - Sithonia Greece
Platanitsi Beach – Sithonia Greece

A wonderful, sandy beach divided in the middle by a stream. Beach bars nearby.

Porto Carras 1 & Porto Carras 2 beaches

Porto Carras beach Sithonia Greece
Porto Carras Beach – Sithonia Greece

Beaches with crystal clear water with Porto Carras Hotel amenities.

Elia Beach or Akti Elia

Elia beach - Akti Elia - Olive Coast - Sithonia Greece
Elia beach (Akti Elia – Olive Coast) – Sithonia Greece

This gorgeous beach is remote and quiet, ideal for those who would like to relax by the sea. read more

Kavourotripes – Orange Beach

Sithonia Orange Beach – Kavourotripes
Kavourotripes – Orange Beach

Kavourotripes – Orange Beach is the most famous place in Sithonia. The reason is very unique – this page has a unique turquoise blue color of the water, which is caused by very fine sand that is combined with rounded stones in the shade of a pine forest… read more

Lagomandra Beach

Lagomandra Beach Hotel & Suites
Lagomandra beach

This amazing beach is located near Neos Marmaras. A small forest of pines adds a special character. It is easily accessible by car and many amenities are available… read more

Marmaras B & Marmaras C beaches

neos marmaras beach

Located in the most cosmopolitan village of Sithonia – Neos Marmaras, which offers endless fun by the sea.

Trani Ammouda (Livrohio Beach)

trani ammouda - sithonia greece - livrohio beach
Trani Ammouda (Livrohio Beach) – Sithonia Greece

Also known as “Trani Ammouda”, this exotic beach has amazing turquoise-colored waters… read more


Armenistis – Sithonia Greece

It’s called “the paradise of Sithonia”. Sandy beach and an astonishing green scenery just 12km north of Sarti! This beach is part of the Armenistis camp.

Hot summer sun and refreshing sea breeze are waiting for you to create moments of a lifetime. Do not miss this chance! With the signature of visitsithonia.com! Because the holiday is one of life’s great pleasures.

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