Why Sithonia has become one of the most popular destinations for the summer holiday

In the past few years (aka the pre-Covid era), Sithonia was gathering an increasing number of tourists year after year. These numbers grew exponentially! What have the tourists discovered that is so beautiful and unique in Sithonia? The answer to that question is not very simple, but we will try to break it down into parts and provide you with a satisfying answer.

The beaches of Sithonia – the ones that awoke an exploration spirit in every one of us

The beaches of Sithonia are rightly called the “Caribbean beaches of Greece”. Nearly 100 beaches, most of which are blue-flagged, will leave you speechless once you start to explore them. And that is perhaps the greatest charm of Sithonia- inspiration for the exploratory spirit in everyone and the constant delights of visiting a new perfect beach and living a new story every day. Once you start to explore Sithonia, it lasts forever!

Sithonia peninsula, Greece – Photo by: @savvastan

Wild and unique nature on Sithonia – green, pine peninsula

Once, when you enter “the gate of Sithonia” – Metamorfosi, you will feel a unique and the most pleasant scent that wafts in the breeze and the freshness in the air that will follow you all the time while you are on the Sithonia. That natural perfume comes from the pine trees (that Sithonia is covered with) combined with a salty sea scent. Just take a deep breath once you come to Metamorfosi, and you will understand! 🙂 Pine trees on the Sithonia peninsula are all over and when you decide to drive from place to place or from beach to beach, you will drive on a winding road surrounded by pine trees. Open your windows and enjoy! 

This large pine forest gives Sithonia many opportunities to hide its exotic spots, and that is the reason why you will frequently hear the phrase “wild Sithonia”. 

Microclimate on Sithonia – the best natural AC in Greece 

Vast pine forests that cover Sithonia and Athos Mountain on the east are the main reasons why you will feel like you are in a naturally air-conditioned place when you come there. It’s never hot in Sithonia and there’s never unpleasant humidity in the air. The daily temperature in the summer is around 30C, and nights are always fresh, and as locals say – we all have AC in our accommodations because of our tourists, but you will definitely not need it in Sithonia. 

Peaceful vacation with authentic Greek spices 

Although Sithonia is expanding its resources with increasing numbers of tourists that come every summer, this peninsula is still under the radar of mass tourism. On it, you have a few main towns-villages: Sarti, Neos Marmaras, Nikiti, and beaches in these places can be filled up with tourists, but that is far away from the “parasol on parasol” style that you see all over the summer resorts and areas. All the other beaches are “wild” with small beach bars or even without them, where you can enjoy sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. On Sithonia, there are just a couple of giant resorts ( eg. Porto Carras) and hotels, and the other new well-equipped small hotels, studios & apartments, or even small traditional Greek houses for rent. On our website, you can find all kinds of accommodations and make reservations.

Sithonia is isolated from mass tourism

Ten years ago Sithonia was a destination for tourists who like to spend their holiday camping, or in well-organized camps, and also Sithonia was a destination with fancy cottages for professors and rich people from Thessaloniki. Maybe there we can find the reason why Sithonia is still not a top World summer holiday destination. We all know that locals keep the best for themselves. 🙂 

Kavourotripes Beach in Sithonia – Source: @savvastan

Affordable prices for all types of holidays

Sithonia is still in the making of its story of the beaches and opportunities for the summer holiday there. Locals are more than happy to take their part in this “new game” and they are giving their best to be perfect Greek hosts. Because this story is still developing, the prices for accommodation or any services are lower than the prices on fancy Greek islands. But, that is not always the case. Namely, in the big resorts, you can find some very expensive arrangements for the Hollywood stars, whose photos you can see every summer, somewhere near Sithonia… 

Unique atmosphere and parties from Friday to Sunday

The Greeks know- every Friday after work many (young) Greeks from Thessaloniki and the surrounding area sit in their cars and go on their way to Sithonia. You can see long lines of cars on the roads, from Thessaloniki to Sithonia. The main reason for that is that Thessaloniki is less than one hour away from Sithonia, and camps like Armenistis throw the best all-weekend parties on their beaches. Weekends on Sithonia are full of life and music compared to workdays. Everywhere you look, you can see Greeks with huge smiles on their faces who are ready to make some new friends.

Accessibility to all types of outdoor activities in nature and in the water (hiking, cycling, all court sports, scuba diving, etc.)

Sithonia is perfect for cycling, and when you arrive watch out for people who are cycling on the main road, as there are no bicycle lanes. The reason for that is the main road on Sithonia is a circle road with uphills and downhills, which is perfect for training, for cyclists and runners. Every small hotel has some courts for various sports- you can find a lot of tennis and basketball courts, etc. Almost every beach has a scuba diving school, and small tents for rent: surfing boards, paddleboards, small boats, or any kind of equipment for fun and water sports. Sithonia is a paradise for beach volleyball. You see people doing some activities on every beach, even if it is just taking a walk barefoot in the shallow waters.

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