Lagomandra Beach

One of the most popular beaches of the west side of Sithonia is Lagomandra beach. And not without reason.

Lagomandra beach
Lagomandra Beach

It is very clean and neat with pine trees in the back. You practically don’t need a sunshade, especially in the northern and southern parts. It is a perfect 350-meter-long sandy beach with one of the most beautiful breathtaking sunset views in Greece. The sea is perfect turquoise blue.

Lagomandra Beach
Lagomandra Beach

The very beach consists of three main parts. The middle one (in front of the Lagomandra Golden Beach Hotel) is with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay (sunbeds, sunshades, wooden paths to the beach, beach bar, Lagomandra restaurant…). And the other two parts on the edges are ideal for those who want to escape the modern and join nature. There it is just you. Of course, this beach, being so beautiful and thus popular, inevitably brings crowds of people, especially in the middle part at weekends and at the peak of the season.
Specific conjunction of smells (fresh sea and strong pine) and the special atmosphere that you feel the moment you step here is what will make you want to come back over and over again. Don’t miss this beach during your stay in Sithonia!

Lagomandra Beach
Lagomandra Beach

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