Vourvourou is a beautiful seaside village in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece. Vourvourou offers to its visitors a beautiful beach and all kinds of water sports during the summer holiday season.

Vourvourou location

Vourvourou is located 103 km away from Thessaloniki International Airport,and it is easy to reach by car for the lest than 1:30 hours. Vourvourou is one of the most popular villages on Sithonia’s west coast , traveler will be enchanted by Vourvourou surrounded by the pine trees with an emerald blue sea.

Vourvourou Sithonia Greece

Population: About 250 permanent residents

Postal code: 630 78

Vourvourou is the best destination for those wanting to get away from it all and relax in a natural environment.  Vourvourou is an ideal place for surfing, hiking, mountain biking and fishing.

Vourvourou is a small unspoiled village, welcoming visitors who come for its natural beauty. Vourvourou is an ideal destination and the most peaceful and romantic spot in Sithonia. Vourvourou is one of the hidden pearls of Sithonia.

In Vourvourou you can stumbleupon very expensive private resorts that serve celebrities from Thessaloniki but also from the rest of Europe and the world . Vourvourou is an ideal place for people who love calmness, nature and privacy. Vourvourou is located in Sithonia at Halkidiki’s west coast. Vourvourou has natural beauties that must be protected against all odds. Vourvourou is a traditional settlement, with stone houses perfectly combined with high luxury.


If you rent a boat from many agencies in Vourvourou, you can explore Diaporos island. Diaporos Island is an island of about one and a half square miles. Administratively it is part of Vourvourou-Agria municipal unit, Sithonia. Several ancient cities were founded on the island including Cassandreia, which was founded by Philip II of Macedon in the 4th century BC to secure Macedonian control over the region. Diaporos Island also includes sandy beaches and traditional settlements. One of best beaches are hidden on Diaporos island,  and they are worth a visit.

Vourvourou is a destination for searching but fulfilling vacations with outdoor activities.  Vourvourou is part of Sithonia, Greece’s peninsula in Halkidiki. Vourvourou shows the beauty of nature at its best.Vourvourou represents one of the best places for vacations in Sithonia.

Vourvourou Accommodation

Anna Studios – Vourvourou

Anna Studios – Vourvourou

In Sithonia, which is in Halkidiki and specifically in Vourvourou, a place known for its amazing picturesque landscapes and its virgin, natural beauty, in 14000s.m

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