Diaporos boat rentals

Diaporos boat rentals will bring you closer to the most inaccessible beaches in Sithonia. Visit Diaporos island, Ammouliani, and Sithonia’s hidden beaches.

diaporos boat rental sithonia haklidiki vourvourou
Diaporos boat rentals – Vourvourou Sithonia

We recommend the daily boat hire for aspiring captains. Sail to the beauties of Chalkidiki’s deep blue waters in our brand-new boats. There is no need for a license to rent a boat.

You can book ahead of time if you don’t want to be the captain. Follow us on exciting itineraries we’ve planned for you, or offer us a path of your choosing. The boat can accommodate eight people.

Finally, we provide a Private Taxi Service that can transport you and your friends or family to beaches of your choosing at any time.


Blue Water 170 – 8 persons

Diaporos 45 – 4 persons

Diaporos 46 – 5 persons

Diaporos FF – 6 persons

Diaporos 52 – 8 persons

Diaporos boat rentals
Diaporos boat rentals – Vourvourou Sithonia


+30 6986 312501 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Vourvourou, Sithonia Greece

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