Top 3 places for breakfast in Vourvourou

Nice places to have breakfast at Vourvourou (save for your next trip there):

1. Ikaros bistro 🥐

Food: you can try crepes, traditional bougatsa with different stuffings, and coffee.

Service: self-service, many people there, especially locals. I should wait for my bougatsa pretty long time. Everything was made with harry. I don’t like the atmosphere there. If you don’t have time to enjoy your meal and just want to grab some fresh bougatsa with you, it’ll suit you.

Price: we spent around 10 euros on 2 people. I bet it is one of the cheapest places for breakfast in Vourvourou.

Breakfast in Vourvourou
Breakfast in Vourvourou

2. VCafe 🍳

Food: you can try different pastries, including bougatsa, omelet, coffee ( including Freddo Cappuccino), and freshly made smoothies.

Service: polite waiters, don’t need to wait much for your food. You can relax and enjoy your meal while watching some sports on TV. The big plus of this place – it is not near the road, so no noise and many people.

Price: we usually spent 16-20 euros for 2 people. Reasonable price for service/quality.

VCafe Vourvourou
VCafe – Vourvourou

3. Anchor food bar 🥞

Food: special breakfast menu: healthy omelet, fried eggs, kayanas (“Greek Way” scrambled eggs), benedict, royal eggs, classic omelet, vegan omelet, avocado toast, french toast, yogurt with fruits. Drinks: coffee of different types, ice and hot tea, lemonades, and smoothies (sugar-free, vegetarian, gluten-free).

Service: great service, very fast. The place is near the road, so it’s crowdy and a noisy little bit.

Price: 18-20 euros for 2 people.

Breakfast in Vourvourou
Breakfast in Vourvourou

❓ What’s your favorite type of food for breakfast? Sharing with us! And have a nice 🍳☕ breakfast!

Author: @greeceforu

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