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Smile Boats is a boat rental company in Vourvourou, Halkidiki.
The idea of Smile Boats was born as we believe that a smile is contagious and makes our day more beautiful. We are sure that if someone spends a day in the turquoise waters, around the island of Diaporos then he will definitely leave with a smile, and with an experience that will be unforgettable.

Smile boats 500Rd
Smile Boats – Vourvourou

There are more than 20 beaches and places with crystal clear waters to visit and swim around Diaporos island, some of them with names such as Blue Waters, Paradise, Olive, Peristeri, etc., and others unnamed but equally wonderful that are waiting for you to explore.

Smile boats Happy Moments
Smile boats – Happy Moments

The “Galazia Nera” (Blue Lagoon) is the No. 1 destination in the area and not unjustly. This area is located between the islands “Diaporos” and “Agios Isidoros”. The depth of the seabed is about 3 meters while the surrounding area rises. This difference in depth in combination with the white sand of the seabed is what makes the Galazia Nera the most popular destination in the area and certainly one of the most popular in Halkidiki.

Smile boats Blue Lagoon
Smile boats – Blue Lagoon

Myrsini is located less than 1 n.mile away from Galazia Nera and is definitely a must-see point of “Diaporos”. Although its official name is “Myrsini” it has other names given by its impressed visitors, such as “White Beach” or “Hawaii”, due to its white sand and crystal clear waters.

Smile boats Myrsini
Smile boats – Myrsini

The experienced and always 😁 staff of Smile Boats along with the most equipped fleet (the only boats equipped with GPS Navigator 6 ”) in the area of Vourvourou, are waiting for you to live one day as captains without the need for a speedboat license.

Smile boats X
Smile boats

Official website: www.smileboats.gr

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