Thalassa Boat Rental

Thalassa Boat Rental is a family boat rental company, based in Vourvourou, and provides high-quality services, building relationships of trust and security with its customers. The staff at Thalassa Boat Rental takes care of every detail so that you are fully equipped and safe for a boat trip and enjoy the unique experience of driving a boat without a license.

Thalassa Boat Rental
Thalassa Boat Rental

Their boats are very reliable, and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, with a satellite tracking system (GPS) with an application on your mobile phone like Google maps, but for the sea, so that their experienced and well-trained staff can intervene immediately for any issue that may arise. Inside their boats, you will find plenty of space (for up to 5 people) that provides comfort and facilitates movement.

Thalassa Boat Rental
Thalassa Boat Rental

You will also find storage space and sun protection using the roll bar shading system and there is a ladder that makes boarding and disembarking easy for everyone. Those who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Vourvourou, to be in direct contact with the sea, to discover new deserted beaches, to have fun with your friends and/or family, rent a boat from Thalassa Boat Rental! So hop on… and indulge in the freedom of the sea and the touch of its salty aura… Live the experience that will create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime…

Thalassa Boat Rental
Thalassa Boat Rental

Contact phone number: +306974623588, +306981707464

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thalassaboatrental/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/thalassa_boatrental

Website: https://thalassaboatrental.gr/

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