Lagonisi Beach

According to various visitors, Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. It is located 1km south of Ormos Panagias, about 7km from Nikiti and about 24 km from Neos Marmaras. The beach has very fine sand and sandy bottom,  and beautiful turquoise color of the water. Like in most Sithonia beaches, the sea is crystal clear, with transparent, light blue color because of the light color of the sand. This beach is very convenient for children because they can enjoy and play with some of the many shells there.

Lagonisi Beach Sithonia

In addition to the central beach, there is another part of Lagonisi, a small bay, and it is good for those with their own equipment. This bay might just be the most beautiful part of Lagonisi beach. There are also several small rocky coves, which you can explore yourself. If you want to enjoy this beach, our recommendation is to arrive in the morning, because crowds are not uncommon here. Until recently, the beach was quite wild, but since 2015, a beach bar has been opened here, occupying most of the beach. Sun loungers with parasols can be rented and there is also an organized parking lot within the bar.

Lagonisi beach bar

Lagonisi Beach Bar Sithonia

The natural shade on the beach now belongs to the Lagonisi beach bar, too. Also, the beach bar has taken up most of the parking space so if you don’t want to use the bar’s facilities, you have to keep driving down the dirt road to the right and park there. During the weekend, the beach is crowded, so we advise you to come to Lagonisi on weekdays, earlier in the morning. The island of Diaporos is across Lagonisi beach, which is why this bay is always protected from the wind, so the sea is usually calm and without waves.

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