Local products of Sithonia

Sithonia became familiar to the general public due to its beautiful landscapes. Besides, there are many interesting things we should learn about this place. Apart from the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking landscapes, Sithonia is well known for its local products. Since ancient times the inhabitants of Sithonia were involved in agricultural work. The fertile ground and climate in combination with the long tradition of the residents to cultivate the land are the reasons why local products of Sithonia became known, not only in Greece but also all over Europe.

porto carras vineyard

Sithonia Honey

For most Greeks Sithonia is “the mother of apiculture” and that’s because over 10% of Greek honey production comes from there. The rare plant life and the suitable climate contributed to producing “Sithon” honey. The Apiculture Association “Sithon” founded in 1952 is considered today as one of the largest in Europe. Nowadays, the Association produces a wide variety of honey, mainly flower honey, and pine honey, which exceeds 1000 tons a year. More than 150 beekeepers each of which has large beekeeping units, work for the production of “Sithon” honey.

Sithonia honey

Sithonia Olive Oil

The climate in Sithonia is also extremely favorable for olive cultivation. The oil produced in Sithonia is of exceptional quality and among the best varieties of the world. A special variety of green olives has been produced in the village of Metagitsi for years and years, which are edible and excellent for olive oil production, resistant to drought and cold. In 1924 the residents of Metagitsi join forces and create one of the oldest associations in Greece. Today the number of trees is about 500000 and producers reach the number of 300.

sithonia olives

Sithonia Wines

The systematic cultivation of vines from residents of Sithonia municipality has been the cause to produce exceptional grapes that give high-quality wines. The highly awarded wines of Domaine Porto Carras are known all over the world.

Domaine Porto Carras wine

Sithonia Food

Residents of Sithonia also deal with livestock farming. The meat and the goat cheese they produce are delicious and of high quality. Finally, I would surely not forget the Sithonians fish. Fishermen in the region have daily fresh fish that tourists can enjoy cooked in taverns. Porto Koufo, one of the largest natural harbors in Greece, lies in Sithonia and is one of the favorite destinations for sea lovers.


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