Robinson Beach

As its name suggests, at Robinson beach you will feel exactly like that – like you are the only one on a beautiful secluded beach, because this one can only be reached by boat. Hidden from tourists, in a small bay next to the popular Manasu Beach Bar or Akti Oneirou (Dream Coast) Camp, this beach is accessible only to those who are truly adventurous. The unique beauty of this sandy beach is that you will most likely enjoy it by yourself as if it were your private beach, or you will feel like you are in a scene of a popular movie.

Robinson Beach Sithonia Greece
Robinson Beach – Sithonia Greece

Robinson Beach is completely hidden from all roads and tourists. It is located under the cliffs, and practically impossible to reach from the land. It can be seen only from one small parking lot, just before the turn for Manassou Beach Bar.

Robinson Beach cannot be reached from the land, but only from the sea

You can reach Robinson Beach if you rent a boat anywhere on the east coast of Sithonia, but we recommend that you inquire beforehand, because the most popular place for renting small boats – Vourvourou is 12 km away. So, always talk to the boat rental guys, and tell them your intention to go to Robinson Beach.

Robinson Beach Sithonia Greece
Robinson Beach – Sithonia Greece

Another solution to get to this unique beach is cruise excursions, which most often depart from the small fishing village of Ormos Panagias, or Sarti, but you should inquire about that too because there are no fixed departures.

Also, some guests dare to SUP or canoe from Manassu Beach to Robinson Beach, but we certainly do not advise you to do so without first consulting with one of the professionals on site.

Robinson Beach Sithonia Greece
Sithonia Greece – Robinson Beach

In any case, it is worth making an effort to visit this unique beach in Sithonia, and experience untouched nature on this beautiful sandy paradise.

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