Metamorfosi Beach

Metamórfosi means “transfiguration”

Metamorfosi is a tourist village located at the very top of the Sithonia peninsula, about 90 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Nature undergoes a transformation here, which will accompany you throughout your stay in Sithonia, as the name suggests (Greek: Μεταμόρφωση, Metamórfosi, which means “transfiguration”).

metamorfosi sithonia greece
Metamorfosi Beach – Sithonia

Metamorfosi is bordered on all sides by pine trees and has been dubbed an “air spa”. It is highly appealing to anyone who suffers from respiratory issues or asthma.

Metamorfosi is a small fishing village with only 500 residents that transforms into a buzzing tourist destination during the summer. There are a number of sandy and pebble beaches to choose from, that are lush with vegetation.

Some places on Metamorfosi beach have a lot of natural shade. In some places, the pine forest and conifers slope almost to the water’s edge. Metamorfosi beach has a mix of sand and pebbles. It is one of Sithonia’s most beautiful beaches. During the tourist season, it is very popular.

Metamorfosi Beach
Metamorfosi Beach – Sithonia

The Blue Flag is awarded to a section of the beach named Makrija Lagada, which signifies the purity of the sea. On the beach, there are beach bars with sun loungers and parasols. Water sports are available, among other things. Because the beach is sunny all day, the sunset is pretty fabulous.

Metamorfosi Beach - Sithonia
Metamorfosi Beach – Sithonia

Metamorfosi – Halkidiki’s number one air spa

Metamorfosi is known as “Halkidiki’s number one air spa“. Metamorfosi location has a unique microclimate due to the abundance of pine trees. It’s also a unique park with a blend of coniferous and sea fragrances. The adjacent park is the focal point of events at Metamorfosi, which is a very modest and quiet place. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and taverns in this area. Metamorphosis is the perfect summer resort and destination to spend this year’s summer vacation if you don’t like crowds. Here’s another reason why this place will enchant you if you don’t mind the lack of nightlife.

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