Thalatta Camp Beach

Thalatta Camp Beach is located at the tip of the middle leg of Halkidiki, ie Sithonia peninsula, very close to a little town called Kalamitsi.


According to the opinions of numerous visitors from all over the world, this could easily be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Halkidiki. It lies peacefully in a bay of about 500 meters in diameter. It has amazing, fine but nonsticky sand, and it is around 100 meters wide. The water is turquoise crystal clear, with a sandy bottom and it is surrounded by rocks on both sides. This beach leaves you breathless!

The whole camp is in the shade so everywhere you go you can feel the fresh cool breeze and take a break from hot summer noon.

thalatta-camp shade

Whether you stay in the camp or just come for a visit, you can use the toilets and showers. Everything is cleaned regularly, it is tidy and never crowded.

Thalatta camp CaravanIII Beach Static Balcony

You can also use other amenities, like a great little swimming pool close to the beach, restaurants and tavernas, pizzeria, shop and, of course, water sports! How cool is that?

The peak of your stay here may as well be the whole-day stay in the beach bar, where you can just lie and relax, read a light book sip frape or enjoy snacks with cold Mythos beer. Of course, all that while listening to nice smooth bossa nova covers of popular hits in the background.

Wait! How about taking a Zumba class right there next to the beach. That should be fun (or funny).

If you’d rather not leave this magnificent place as soon as the sun starts to fade, gather your crowd and order some sangria, dance lightly to the sound of music, and feel the summer on your dark skin (sunscreen not included, but so necessary!). You feel like your best self in this place!

Be aware that this beach is somewhat steep so it gets deeper fast. But the good thing is when there is wind, the waves are magnificent!

thalatta beach send

Also, if you are not staying at the camp, you will need to pay an entrance fee (3eur per person) but always check ahead. There is a big parking lot at the entrance of the camp. Enjoy!

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