Elia Beach (Akti Elia – Olive Coast)

Elia beach is a real gem for beach lovers situated on the west coast of Sithonia, about 7 km from Nikiti and 9 km from Neos Marmaras, and about 95km from Thessaloniki. It starts from Spathies beach and along the beach, there is a convenient asphalt road. This part of Sithonia’s west coast is known as Akti Elia, which in Greek means Olive Coast.

Elia beach - Sithonia Halkidiki Greece
Elia beach – Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Akti Elia – The best starting point to explore the beauty and wildness of the Sithonia peninsula

Elias beach is different and quite interesting due to its partly sandy, partly pebble structure. It is also quite narrow and about 2 km long. It is ideal for children because of the gradual entrance into the water but beware of some possible sharp small pebbles in the shallow. For those with sensitive feet, a good idea is to wear water shoes. In the hinterland of this beach, there are rocks, with huge pine trees, very close to the sea, so there is a lot of natural shade on the beach which makes it a good destination for an all-day stay… The landscape is incredibly picturesque and a real joy for your senses – the view and the smells are amazing. The beach is not crowded at all, so you can easily find a place that suits you.

Elia beach Akti Elia - Sithonia Greece
Elia beach (Akti Elia) – Sithonia Greece

Although most of the beach is ‘wild’ and free, there are also parts that are used by the beach hotels on Elia Beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for refreshments or a pleasant lunch, all with a great view. 

Due to its special charm, this beach is one of the most photographed beaches in this area, mostly due to pine trees rising above the water in some places. Really a place you have to visit!

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Akti Elia (Olives coast) – Sithonia Greece

We recommend Elia Beach only to those who are not fans of commercial beaches but want a more intimate place for themselves, a place where they can be alone and enjoy the beautiful nature, clean sea, and beautiful sunsets.

Elia Beach-Sithonia
Elia Beach – Sithonia Greece

Anthimou beach is located on the Elia coast and it is a Blue Flag beach in Akti Elia. In this part, the beach widens and transforms into a lovely hidden bay with long sandy shallow, and crystal-clear blue water. This beach is developed by a 5-star hotel, while the northern section of the beach remains undeveloped.

Elia beach (Akti Elia - Olive Coast) - Sithonia Greece
Elia beach (Akti Elia – Olive Coast) – Sithonia Greece

Akti Elia, coast that will surely tempt you to come back to it!

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