9 most popular beaches with natural shade in Sithonia

It goes without saying that the great star called Sun is something we should take with caution, especially in the hot summer months. As much as some of us enjoy it at all times, dermatologists recommend staying away from it during the hottest time of the day. So a lot of people choose to spend only mornings and late afternoons at the beach during their vacation. And they truly are the most healthful and enjoyable parts of a day. Still, there are those who, against all recommendations, want to soak up as much sun, beach, sea, and fun as they can, and decide to spend their whole day at or near the beach.

“But that’s crazy!” you might say. “They will get sunburned” you will think to yourself. And while these thoughts might be in place, let us introduce you to her majesty: a shady beach!

When you first visit Sithonia, you may hastily conclude that despite it being quite green in general, most beaches are ‘naked’ and without natural shade. In this article, we want to persuade you of the opposite by making a list of the most popular shady beaches in Sithonia.

Please note that there are more shady beaches than on this list. Actually, one of the reasons we love Sithonia so much is because it is open to being discovered so we are sure everybody can find their shady beach and enjoy it even more!

1. Lagomandra

One of the most popular beaches In Sithonia, about 13 km south of Nikiti towards Neos Marmaras, is 1 km long and consists of two parts. The northern part is full of pine trees which give you a natural shade, much needed for the midday sun. You can rent parasols and sunbeds or use your own. There is plenty of space for all kinds of beaches (is that a word?).

Lagomandra Beach
Lagomandra Beach – Sithonia Greece

The beach is sandy, the sea is clear and warm. The whole beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Don’t forget beautiful and romantic sunsets!

The southern part is bigger, and more popular among campers. You can indulge in various water sports as well as beach bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

The parking is also in a natural shade but we suggest coming there early so you grab the best spot both for your vehicle and yourself.

2. Kalogria

Another popular beach close to Nikiti (5km to the south towards Neos Marmaras) is around 500m long and is one of the so many breathtaking ones. Turquoise water, sandy beach, and a lot of natural shade

A lot of the beach belongs to the Mango hotel and renting sunbeds can be quite expensive there, especially close to the sea.

At the end of the beach, you can relax in the Isla Bar, especially if you like louder music and fun. You can use sunbeds for free if you buy a drink there.

Of course, there is enough space for you to set up your equipment without paying for the bars and hotels.

We recommend you visit Kalogria beach early in the morning or not at the peak of the season if you dislike the crowds.

Note: this beach is very popular amongst divers.

3. Koviou 

Very close to Kalogria beach, there is another sandy gem on the west coast of Sithonia. 

It is not as famous as Lagomandra or some other beaches but it definitely deserves to be. One part of the beach has a natural shade you can use to breathe in all day the beauty of this place. This is a must see if you are in Sithonia.

4. Karydi 

Another famous beach, but this time on the east coast. It is very exotic due to crystal clear water and white flour-like sand.

It is at the end of the village of Vourvourou and is easily accessible. There is a huge pine tree forest close to the beach. 

The water is breathtaking, the sand is amazing, and the smell is out of this world but you know it as I know it- it’s very crowded all summer long.

Be sure to bring your umbrellas if you don’t make it on time to take your spot in the shade.

If you go left or right from Karydi beach, you will find other similar bays with fewer people.

Karydi Beach - Sithonia Greece visitsithonia
Karydi beach – Sithonia Greece

5. Lagonisi 

Another east-coast beauty queen, Lagonisi beach was wild until recently but since 2015 it has been mostly kept by a beach bar. It is situated around 2 km from Ormos Panagias towards Vourvourou and you need to pay to get in.

Lagonisi Beach - Sithonia Beach
Lagonisi Beach – Sithonia Beach

There is a natural shade under the pine trees on the left part but check first if you need to pay for a drink or a sunbed (usually in June and September it is not required).

There is another bay on the Lagonisi beach, free for everybody, but you know the drill- make sure you come early in the morning. If you consider the color of the sea, this beach is the most exotic and unbelievably cool!

6. Spathies 

Let’s go back to the west coast and jump into the beautiful Spathies beach just 7,5 km south of Nikiti. The name Spathhies is actually plural because it consists of two separate beaches- a small bay and a big bay.

The small one hosts a big tree in the middle which provides a lot of shade (for a lot of people usually) while the big one is always half-empty and ideal for peace-and-quiet seekers. There is some natural shade at this beach too but not too much so make yourself one with your umbrella for a beach tent.

Spathies Beach
Spathies Beach – Sithonia

7. Orange beach 

Hopping back to the beautiful and wild east coast, you must visit the one and only, Queen Orange beach (aka Kavourotripes, aka Portokali, etc). It is hidden 10km north of Sarti and it is basically a 5km coast with numerous bays of white sand and turquoise waters.

Orange Beach ( Portokali in Greek)  is in the middle with a beach bar, sunbeds, and umbrellas and is usually crowded in the peak season. Other bays are wild and not organized at all so feel free to explore and find what you like. 

In the background, you will find pine trees that can provide you with much-needed shade.

The color of the sand and the water is breathtaking, but there are also beautiful, white, and smooth rocks.

orange beach kavourotripes sithonia greece
Orange Beach (Kavourotripes) – Sithonia Greece

8. Paradisos 

Paradisos beach just north of Neos Marmaras is sandy and not too wide. In the back, some houses and villas offer accommodation but also tall trees that can give you sufficient shade in the morning, when the sun is “behind you”. 

It is a peaceful and long beach you can really enjoy. Another feature you must enjoy here is the amazing sunset.

In some parts of the beach, you can rent sunbeds and parasols and the other ones are free to use as you like.

9. Akti Elia

A very long Elia beach is situated around 8km from Nikiti towards Neos Marmaras and it is very specific. Along the beach goes the asphalt road so you can access it from many places. The beach is narrow with natural shade in almost every part. In some parts, the pine trees even lean over the water. There are some hotels and their parts of the beach too.

Elia beach - Akti Elia - Olive Coast - Sithonia Greece
Elia beach (Akti Elia – Olive Coast) – Sithonia Greece

This is a great choice if you are a lover of non-commercial beaches and want to enjoy peace and freedom, nature and sun.

 Enjoy and never forget your SPF!

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