Aquatrotters was established in 2020 in Thessaloniki in the yachting services sector. The main aim of the company is to provide all the services that everyone might need to have safe and dreamy vacations. With a fleet of yachts all over Greece, with a crew or not, our team can organize trips everywhere.

Aquatrotters Yachting Greece
Aquatrotters Yachting Greece

If you are an adventure lover and enjoy spending your days and nights on the sea, this is the best way to make your dreams come true. We are firm believers that a lot of money is not crucial for making unforgettable holiday memories, still, luxury arrangements will ensure that you will get to know the depths of a truly perfect holiday.

Aquatrotters Yachting and Sailing sea holiday
Aquatrotters Yachting and Sailing sea holiday
Aquatrotters Yachting Greece sunset
Aquatrotters Yachting Greece sunset
Aquatrotter Logo

Official website: www.aquatrotters.com

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