Greece is preparing for tourists, and has presented a plan to mitigate the measures

Expecting the first tourists in mid-May, the Greek government has presented a plan to start easing the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past 24 hours, there were 2,691 new cases in Greece. Although the number of infected people in Greece is declining, and the number of vaccinated people is increasing, local outbreaks of the infection can be expected due to the opening so the Greeks have been asked to keep following precautionary measures.

Sithonia Greece

Some of the measures include beach bars and tourist sites

Beach bars could open as early as May 9th, museums may open on May 14th, open-air cinemas on May 21st, and outdoor theaters on May 28th. Outdoor restaurants and cafes in Greece opened last Monday, after six months of strict lockdown.

It has also been reported that schools will open on Monday the 10th but with a note that students in schools will have to test negative on Mondays and Thursdays, where the test will be given to them free of charge by the state.

Greek Civil Protection Chief Nikos Chardalias said that these are cautious but necessary moves to open up the country.
Mitigation of measures is accompanied by additional regulations. The curfew, which lasts from 11 pm to 5 am, still remains in force.

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