Discover Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo (Deaf harbor) – the largest natural harbor in Greece.

This amazing fishing village and its beach are located in the very south of Sithonia just 2 kilometers south of Toroni, about 23 kilometers from Neos Marmaras and 35 kilometers from Sarti. It is settled in a picturesque bay in an area full of breathtaking nature, various caves, and beautiful beaches. In the past, it served as a shelter for Turkish pirate ships, and in World War II, the Germans used to hide their submarines here.

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is a very small village with a couple of hotels and some private accommodation units.  In the bay, you can see many anchored fishing boats, but also beautiful yachts from all over the world.

The beach of Porto Koufo is so peaceful and relaxing – sandy, quite narrow, with extremely warm water and no wind. It is never crowded due to sparse accommodation. However, it offers so much for its guests. You can rent a boat here and go on a cruise and fish in Sithonia bay. There are also other outdoor activities you can enjoy here, such as diving and exploring numerous caves ( for example Erika cave with an entrance 12 meters below sea level).

There is a pedestrian promenade beside the harbor and sea and in the evening Porto Koufo turns into a lively place for the tourists from all over Sithonia who want to try amazing specialties in taverns.
A couple of taverns are located in the center of town, close to the port, and serve excellent specialties from freshly caught seafood. We definitely recommend this hidden place that will stay in your heart forever.

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