SUP Sithonia / Stand-up paddleboarding in Sithonia

In the last few years, SUP has become an increasingly popular type of activity on all beaches around the world. The same applies to Sithonia, where you can now see the fans of this sport on every beach, enjoying stand-up paddle boarding near the coast.

SUP Sithonia Halkidiki Greece
SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding) – Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

What is Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)?

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is a water sport that evolved from surfing. Stand-up paddleboarders stand on floating boards in the water and push through it using a paddle. The sport has been widely popular since 2013 as a modern outdoor sporting activity.

SUP has gained popularity in the last 10 years or so, and for many lovers of water activities it has become an indispensable part of beach equipment and summer fun. The prices of SUPs can vary by quality and purpose, which you can read more about in the following paragraphs.

SUP Stand-Up paddleboard Sithonia Greece
SUP Stand-Up paddleboard – Sithonia Greece

SUP is one of the easiest outdoor activities and a recreational sport but with many benefits for both physical and mental health. A few hours of light paddling on the board, on the sea surface, will have a positive effect on your fitness and stress reduction.

Why is Sithonia an ideal destination for SUP?

Although some of the more popular beaches in Sithonia are known for their specific wind which can create big waves that tourists enjoy, in Sithonia, many places are sheltered from the wind and where you can enjoy SUP boards. Indeed, there are many places like this on the whole peninsula, so you will see SUP lovers on almost all the beaches.

SUP Kavourotrypes Beach (Orange Beach) Sithonia Greece
SUP Kavourotrypes Beach (Orange Beach) – Sithonia Greece

In 99.9% of cases, you will always find a calm sea in Vourvourou, because it is doubly sheltered- it is in the bay and hidden by the popular Diaporos island. In addition to Vourvourou, Porto Koufo is also a quiet beach, because this magical fishing village is a natural harbor surrounded by hills on all sides, which make the sea calmer on this beach. We could now list dozens of other beaches, but if you happen to run into big waves on a beach, just ask the locals, and quite unbelievably only 5-10 km away you will find a calm beach, where you can enjoy SUP that day as well.

Vourvourou, and the nearby must-visit Diaporos island, with their sandy beaches and crystal blue calm sea, are one of the most popular destinations for fans of activities on SUPs. In addition to Vourvourou, in Sithonia, you will find small businesses on almost every beach that will offer SUP rentals among their other services.

Places where you can rent a SUP in Sithonia: 

SURF SITHONIA – Vourvourou


Bareside Watersports – Manassu

Aquaspeed Watersports – Sarti

Aqua Play – Kalamitsi & Toroni

Thalatta watersports – Talatta Camp

SUP Sithonia Greece
SUP Sithonia Greece

SUP types:

All-around SUP

An all-around SUP is an all-purpose paddle board. These boards combine speed, stability, and tracking while being designed for all types of water. An all-around board is for you if you require a versatile SUP. Since they are intended for all SUP activities, expect these SUPs to be the most expensive in the shop.

Flatwater SUP

A flatwater SUP is ideal for a lake, cottage, tranquil river, or any other form of flat water. Their focus will be on stability, making them very beginner-friendly and suited for paddlers of all ages and skill levels. They are very popular and their price depends on the brand, quality, size…

Surf SUP

Although the majority of stand-up paddlers prefer flat water, the SUP sport evolved from surfing. Built with that history and performance in mind, the rails, nose, and tail of this board are made to handle waves that other boards can’t. These SUPs are mainly made for professional surfers and they can be quite expensive.

Racing SUP

A racing paddle board is intended for SUP athletes who are interested in racing, SUP for fitness, or those who simply want a board that prioritizes speed. These longer, more streamlined models can reach top speeds unmatched by any other SUP, prioritize tracking, and tear through waves.

Touring SUP

A touring paddle board is made for SUP lovers who want to be able to paddle more like they would on an adventure. No matter how far or how close your path takes you, you can depend on a Touring Board’s storage capacity, steadiness, and tracking.

Yoga SUP

Yoga paddle boards are for yogis who want to paddle. While they may appear to be the same as any other SUP, these boards include yoga-specific features. The board width may be slightly more comprehensive than that of a standard SUP, providing much-needed stability. A flat deck, a good size deck pad with lots of traction, and a soft board similar to a typical yoga mat are also recommended. They paddle just like any other SUP, but their unique features make them ideal for a revitalizing yoga session on the water!

Fishing SUP

A fishing paddle board offers the greatest degree of flexibility to the fisherman. When fishing, you can stand or sit and travel almost any place using a motor, paddle, or trolley.

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