7 hiking trails at Sithonia

Sithonia is the ideal choice for hikers. There, you will have the opportunity to discover places which you hadn’t imagined and the natural beauty of the area, every season of the year, just by walking in its nature trails. There are many routes you can take, routes of different difficulty levels, so, you are able to find the perfect one for you. Trails can be found in all the areas of Halkidiki.

Here are 7 hiking trails at Sithonia:

1. The tour of Sykia

The view you will find if you follow this path in the hills above the village will enchant you. You will need 4 hours for this tour. Some areas of this route require attention, but generally, is an easy route without unpleasant surprises. You will use animal trails and paths that were created in previous ages.

Sithonia hiking

2. Mount Itamos – passage Ntragouteli

The mountain of Itamos is one of the protected areas.  It is an ideal spot for walking since there are comfortable roads and paths for beginner hikers. The view is unique, both in Sithonia, and the Aegean Sea. 

3. Porto Koufo – Mount Kapros

You will admire the view of the coast and the forest. The path is characterized as an easy one.

4. Nikiti – Agios Nikolaos

If you want you can stay in Agios Nikolaos or you can return back to Nikiti through a circular path. You can also visit the chapel of Prophet Elias for a break.  The entire route is flooded by trees and the view is spectacular.

Sithonia Greece - hiking trails
Sithonia-Greece – hiking trails

5 & 6. Neos Marmaras – Parthenon

Parthenon is a small, old village situated 4 hours away from Neos Marmaras. There are two routes to choose from.  The easy one, through the tavern Drosia, and the difficult, in which you will see a water mill and the dam. Whatever route you choose you will enjoy the landscape and the view. By choosing the first option you will also enjoy the traditional cuisine of the tavern.

7. Elia Nikitis – Agios Pavlos

A fairly easy route. You will cross the forest to visit the very remarkable church of Agios Pavlos. This landscape is beautiful any time of the year. There’s a mountain dew near with crystal drinking water.

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