Sigá-sigá or ‘take your time’

If you have been to Greece, then you often heard the expression “Sigá-sigá” (σιγά-σιγά) from the Greeks, and if not, you will definitely hear it!

“Siga-sigá” for the locals as the meaning of life, which describes their sacred right to peace and quiet. In English, this expression means “quietly”, or “take your time.”

Interesting facts about greek people:

☕️ In the morning, before going somewhere on business, it is customary to meet with friends or neighbors for coffee and slowly share plans for the day.

⏳ Being an hour late is normal, even if the meeting is business.

📵 At certain hours, “mesimeri” occurs – from about 15:00 to 17:00, Greeks are not accepted to call and bother. This time is also “sigá-sigá” – a time of rest and relaxation.

Sithonia siga siga

In Greece, the calm pace of life is sometimes lazy. It is not customary to rush and rush here, and “sigá-sigá” very accurately describes this and is the life motto of the locals.

What is your rhythm of life? Would you like to be relaxed and enjoy life as greeks?

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