Mount Athos Cruise – Ormos Panagias

Sithonia - Mount Athos cruise
Sithonia – Mount Athos cruise

The luxury cruise ship, ‘Menia-Maria III’ departs daily from Ormos Panagias bound for Agion Oros (the Holy Mount), Ouranoupolis, and Blue Lagoon Beach on Diaporos island. The cruise ship offers a large lounge (100 people), a panoramic lounge (150 people), and a sun deck with seasonal seats and tables, with a capacity of 100 people. On the four decks of the cruise ship, you can enjoy the attractive décor of the ship, which takes you back to other times. You can also enjoy your coffee or refreshment at one of the fully-equipped bars. The visitor has the ability to be fully informed on the history of every Monastery on Agion Oros (the Holy Mount) from the cruise ship’s experienced tour guide.

Menia Maria III Omnos Panagias Sithonia Greece
Menia Maria III ship – Omnos Panagias – Sithonia Greece

The history of Menia Maria III may be traced back to 1982, when Michalis Tsipouras, the company’s owner, was the first to think of marine trips in the Halkidiki region.

In his lifetime, Michalis Tsipouras built a lot of ships. He consequently constructed the Menia Maria III, the largest pirate ship in Greece, in 2004.

Menia Maria III Omnos Panagias Sithonia Halkidiki Greece
Menia Maria III ship – Omnos Panagias – Sithonia Greece

Through its sea trips, our family has been providing lovely moments to Menia Maria III guests for the past 18 years.

Mount Athos cruise - Sithonia Greece
Mount Athos cruise – Sithonia Greece | dolphins

Classic Mount Athos Cruise

9.30: Departure from Ormos Panagias. Tour of the Docheiariou, Xenophontos, Dionisiou, Simonos Petra, Panteleimon or Russian, Grigoriou and Pavlou Monasteries, Port of Daphne, New Hermitage, Hermitage of Agia Anna, and a tour by a specialized tour guide located on the ship’s bridge.
13.30: Arrival at Ouranoupolis, where we stay for approximately two hours.
15.30: Departure from Ouranoupolis.
17.00: Arrival at Ormos Panagias.

Daily Greek Dance Program
Daily Children’s Program.

From: 30,00€

Athos Cruise Menia Maria III map
Athos Cruise Menia Maria III map
Mount Athos Monastery
Mount Athos Monastery

Mount Athos excursion (4 monasteries) with Ammouliani

The sea excursion departs from Ormos Panagias port on the Sithonia peninsula around 9:15–9:30 a.m., with Port Daphne of Mount Athos as its destination.

Four monasteries that are located on Mount Athos’ west shore will be visible to ship passengers throughout the voyage from a distance.

Due to restrictions from the authorities, the ship is just 500 meters from the beach.

The tour guide provides important information regarding the monasteries, hermitages, and modest shipyards and ports.

After the tour of the final monastery, Docheiari, the passengers are fed dinner at sea.

Soutzoukaki, rice, a cucumber-tomato salad, and bread are all included in the meal.

Then we arrive in Ammouliani, where we will stop for about an hour.

Swim in Vourvourou for 30-45 minutes in the afternoon.

We leave Ammouliani and head back to Ormos Panagias.

The ship arrives at the port of Ormos Panagias between 16:45 and 17:00.

From: 30,00€

Athos Cruise Ammouliani Menia Maria III map 2
Athos Cruise & Ammouliani Menia Maria III map

Blue Lagoon Cruise NEW

Departure from the port of Ormos Panagias between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m.

Diaporos island – Vourvourou, the famous blue seas beach, is only 30 minutes away.

Passengers will spend 1 hour and 30 minutes on Vourvourou beach swimming and sunbathing (90 minutes). Passengers can disembark from the ship by swimming or taking a boat.

Return to the ship. On the ship, food is served (soutzoukaki with rice, salad, and bread).

Then proceed to Robinson Beach. The cruise continues near the Sithonia peninsula to Cape Achlada, stopping for dives and swimming at Robinson Beach, a beach accessible only by sea.

We shall stay for around 2 hours at Kavourotripes.

At approximately 17:00, depart and return to the port of Ormos Panagias.

From: 30,00€

Menia Maria III Diaporos island Blue Lagoon Beach map 2
Menia Maria III Diaporos island Blue Lagoon Beach map
athos-cruise greek dance sirtaki
Mount Athos cruise – Greek dance Sirtaki
Menia Maria III Ormos Panagias
Menia-Maria III ship – Ormos Panagias, Sithonia Greece
Ormos Panagias – Menia Maria III ship – Sithonia Greece

Official website: www.athoscruise.com


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