Top 5 Sithonia Cycling Trails

As you know, Sithonia is one of the three legs of the Halkidiki peninsula in the Aegean Sea (the other ones are Kassandra and Athos). With its most famous features being white sandy beaches and perfect weather most of the year, we must stress that there are many other activities you can enjoy here all year round. Mountains and hills with breathtaking views are features that can provide them so your holiday is not only the beachy kind. Cycling and mountain biking are becoming increasingly popular in Halkidiki. Each year one can see an increase of cycling tour groups enjoying the Sithonia cycling circuit that offers stunning views as you cycle around the whole peninsula. To meet the demand for cyclists who come to Sithonia, some bicycle rental businesses are starting to appear.

Sithonia Cycling / source: @cycling_halkidiki IG

The Sithonia cycling

As in everything you do, start slow and careful. Get used to the weather, roads, and traffic in the area first. Also, be aware that in Sithonia there are bike roads off the main coast road so you will not see many people as you ride there. However, they all offer the bikers’ high as they will take you through interesting places, to magnificent tops, sensing amazing pine trees aroma mixed with salty sea. 

The best cycling trails in Sithonia

There are many roads you can take and plan your tour by yourself but most cyclists usually take some of the common cycling tours Sithonia offers. Here is a list of the best biking trails in Sithonia: 

  1. Along the coast of Nikiti to the beekeepers – ar oute of about 55 km where you can see the famous Vatopedi Monastery. 
  2. An 18km route on the west side of the peninsula to se Agios Pavlos springs
  3. Cycling from Neos Marmaras to the top of the highest point of the Sithonia peninsula on Itamos mountain (811m above the sea level)
  4. Cycling around the vineyards of the Porto Carras resort to the crystal coves
  5. The demanding tour from Toroni and Porto Koufo in the south of the peninsula through some wild parts but with breathtaking views

Of course, you can organize your days and your rides as you wish but always take all the precautions, wear all the safety equipment, and have fresh drinking water!

Sithonia Cycling / source: @cycling_halkidiki IG

Getting a bike

There are more and more options to rent bikes in the area, and the best way is to ask your hosts or hotel receptionist. You can rent a bike for one or more days but if you will go to some more demanding rides, make sure you rent a quality one.

Where to stay while cycling in Sithonia

If you are planning to go cycling in Sithonia while you are there, you are likely to have a day trip in mind from your hotel, guesthouse, or B&B.  You can choose our database for some good accommodation but also any other. Some Sithonia visitors arrive here by bicycle from other towns, even countries and in that case our how to get to Sithonia page can be helpful too.

Sithonia Cycling / source: @cycling_halkidiki IG

How to plan a day on the bike

Cycling around Sithonia is not a small task, so first of all, make sure you are safe by having the right equipment (helmet, pads, etc), enough water, and staying conscious at all times. Some bike rental businesses will have everything you will need, from bikes to helmets and shoes, and, of course, maps. If you just want to get out on the road and enjoy some of the views asap, you can quickly grab a bike from one of the local shops and head out into the wilds to explore some of the lesser-known cycling paths. There are small chances you will see too much traffic here but you still need to be very careful when riding on the main road. Cycling around Sithonia is a great way to travel and be surrounded by nature in this amazing place. It’s hard to beat the riding and views here, so grab your bike and get out there!

Sithonia Cycling / source: @cycling_halkidiki IG


Halkidiki has a lot to offer-the unexpected landscapes, the good weather, the mixed cultural and religious heritage, the history, the people, and the lifestyle all make Halkidiki a destination worthy of consideration for any trip. Just breathe it in.

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