Is Sithonia becoming the most popular workation or staycation destination for people from Thessaloniki and North Greece region?

The whole planet is trying to adapt to life in the “new reality”, witnessing unprecedented events during the COVID19 pandemic. We are all trying to adapt to the new rules almost daily, with high hopes for the vaccine in the near future. Until that, we all try to prevent the spread of the virus by wearing masks and keeping social distance. Many companies are trying to shift as many employees as they can to the “work from home” model. Working from home is a good way to prevent the spread of the virus, but after months at home, we are starting to look for some safe and appropriate options to move a little, to change the environment, and continue to work from another place- to make a small break without stopping our work. For the people in Thessaloniki and the whole region of Northern Greece, the Sithonia peninsula is the best option for that small “escape” in order to change the view during work. 

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What is workation or staycation?

After a few months in the work-from-home mode, people started to search for domestic destinations with safe Covid19 pandemic conditions, to change their work environment. That small trip can relax and positively motivate people who work hard. First of all, that destination needs to follow all the suggestions to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus. Second, that destination needs to have a fast and reliable internet connection. So, workation or staycation is a combination of vacation and work directly from the vacation destination. This kind of trip is becoming increasingly popular these days, at the time of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Staycation and workation have a very similar meaning, but with a slight difference because staycation means that you are staying at your home destination or really close to the place of your living, in the domestic region.

Why is workation a good idea?

We are all social beings, and after some time spent in isolation, we are starting to feel its consequences. We are all sick and tired of the same routine, uncertain future, and all of that without a chance to blow out the steam. Of course, this is not the rule as every individual is different. Some of us are more extroverted, and we can’t keep away from our friends for a very long time and we miss socializing with other people. On the other hand, some people are introverts, and this type of person doesn’t mind staying alone for a while and maintaining a good mental state and without any problems despite lack of contacts and dark news every day. Covid19 has not stopped our lives completely. We are all doing a good job with masks and other prevention measures but, think just for a moment. Wouldn’t it be great to forget all about the pandemic, enjoy and connect with nature more but without having to stop your work? That is the main reason why workation is a good idea- to boost your immune system in the open air, and to positively impact your stress level with some nice destinations close to the sea or somewhere else close to nature… We believe that Sithonia can be THE place as it has everything that you might need for work and enjoyment. Of course, during workation we need to be sure that all measures against spreading viruses are implemented in our workation destination.

Why has Sithonia become the top destination for workation?

Sithonia is the second leg (out of three) in Halkidiki in the North part of Greece. It is quite an isolated area, a hidden gem, with Caribbean blue beaches and wild nature, close to the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. Sithonia is 120km away from Thessaloniki, connected with a good speed road. By car, it is just a little more than one hour’s drive. 

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In the summer season of 2020, Greece had a lot more tourists on the islands in the southern part of Greece, while the northern part was visited by significantly fewer tourists than in the previous years due to Greece closing borders for some non-EU countries during most of the summer. So this year Sithonia stayed wild and without crowds the whole season. But, people from Thessaloniki and nearby areas know very well that Sithonia is the perfect place for peace of mind, relaxing of body, and isolation. Replacing Thessaloniki streets and offices with a garden with a sea view and everyday walks on the white sand beaches during your coffee break can have a very positive effect on mental health and stress reduction.

What part of Sithonia peninsula should you choose for you workation

Sithonia has almost 100 beaches (a lot of them with Blue flags), and countless hidden places – like a bunch of small paradises, with some fully isolated beaches and away from crowds of people. After Metamorfosi village, you quickly reach Nikiti so you can choose it for the mesmerizing sea sunsets and beautiful long beaches ideal for walking. The whole east coast of the Sithonia peninsula has beautiful sea sunsets, and great beaches. Don’t miss the town of Neos Marmaras, the biggest town on the Sithonia peninsula, or some beautiful vineyards around The Porto Carras resort. The western coast of the Sithonia peninsula is a bit wilder. With a lot of trees, “Caribbean beaches”, small secluded bays.. Vourvourou, Sarti, Sikya, Kalamitsi, and small villages with hundreds of small accommodation units around them. You can choose the west part of Sithonia if you like to hike, ride bicycles, or enjoy wild nature..

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Sithonia has a good road all around and you can reach any part within one hour, which can make a good daily trip. Sithonia workation has to become a popular destination for all people who can do work on-line.

You can arrange your Sithonia workstation without any contacts, to stay on your own for as many days as you like – while enjoying the sea and the wild nature of Sithonia.

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If you want to plan your workation, contact the hosts and check all the safety measures for the Covid19 virus. Also, check the internet speed and the quality of the internet in your apartment, so it doesn’t affect your work. The rest is up to you. Enjoy Sithonia!

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