Paul’s Tavern (Parthenonas village)

Arriving in the authentic Greek village of Parthenonas will take you back in time. The village is small but nice. You can park your car in the square (where you will see an olive tree about 1,000 years old), and then walk through the cobbled streets. 

You can also reach the restaurant by car, although walking through the village for 10 minutes, will enhance your mood. 

Paul's Tavern Parthenonas village
Paul’s Tavern, Parthenonas village, Sithonia

It would be a great idea to call them in advance and book your table. We recommend getting there at about 7 pm, because at about 9 you will witness an amazing sunset when the colors of the sky overflow like tempera on a painting palette. 

Dinner in a place like this is not cheap, but it is definitely worth it because of the unique atmosphere and scenery. In this tavern you can enjoy great food, good wine and a fascinating view of the bay of Toroneos and the island of Kelyfos, in the shape of a turtle. 

Paul's Tavern Parthenonas village - lamb chops
Paul’s Tavern Parthenonas village – lamb chops

Our dinner recommendation goes for lamb chops, which are always prepared perfectly in Greek villages. They are grilled with a lot of spices, so that they are crispy and aromatic. They are served with french fries fries. Another vote goes to pork ribs. You can order a Greek salad with the meat, and for dessert, the famous Greek sweet – Greek yogurt with honey. Dinner for two adults and a child costs around € 40. Enjoy!

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