Aristos Restaurant

Where the fish is good, there are seagulls, right? 🕊

This is how we can start a story about a small fishing port, Ormos Panagias. Everything in this  picturesque place is about fishing which is the main source of income too. Fish markets, fishermen who set out to the open sea early in the morning, restaurants and taverns with first-class fresh fish, that is the true spirit of this charming little village Ormos Panagias. 🐟🎣🛶

If road takes you to this place, do not miss out on lunch in Aristos restaurant, and taste their fresh fish. This place is noticeably always full of guests. The ambiance is both elegant and Mediterranean style. One part of the restaurant is on the sand, it has a beautiful view over the harbor, and flocks of seagulls constantly fly over here. The service is perfect and it  will all make you feel very comfortable.

Aristos Restaurant
Aristos Restaurant, Sithonia Greece

We tried ‘mousmoulia’ fish, which they say is top notch. This fish lives at depths of 280-400 m and has huge eyes. You will easily recognize it in the selection of fresh fish caught that day. When the fish is ready, it is cleaned in front of you and that is a special performance. Along with the fish, we ate Greek salad 🥗, bujurdi (feta baked with pepper, tomato and cheese) and french fries. After lunch we got a complimentary delicious chocolate cake with ice cream.🍧

Aristos Restaurant fish lunch
Aristos Restaurant, fish lunch

As this is a truly an exclusive place, so are the prices. Lunch for two adults and a child cost us around € 70.💰 If you ask me if it’s worth it, I’ll just say that the feeling I had here is something I haven’t experienced elsewhere on Sithonia!

If you decide to sail to Athos (third leg of Halkidiki) and see the monasteries of Mount Athos from the boat, in this village you will find an agency where  you can book the trip. In the morning around 9 am and in the afternoon around 5 or 6 pm you will see a very interesting boat that takes sailing lovers on this trip. This fun  tour starts and ends in this port. 🚢

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Aristos Restaurant