Weather in Sithonia (Summer weather – from May to October)

Understanding the Greek climate, when is the best time to go to Greece on summer vacation? 

In this article, you will find out about summer weather in northern Greece, in particular about the Halkidiki (Sithonia) peninsula – the most popular tourist destination in the region. 

Sithonia peninsula has a specific microclimate, among other things, because it is covered with pine forests. This ensures that humidity is not high in Sithonia even during the hottest summer days and that the nights are quite cool throughout the summer.

Sithonia Halkidiki Greece Summer
Sithonia Greece

The swimming season in this region is from May to October. 

What about statistics? Let’s look at some numbers:


🌡 Average daily temperature: 21.8 ° C

🏖 Sea water temperature: 19 ° C

🌞 Number of sunny days: 23 


🌡 Average daily temperature: 26.5 °C 

🏖 Sea water temperature: 23.6 °C

🌞 Number of sunny days: 25 


🌡 Average daily temperature: 29.5 °C

🏖 Sea water temperature: 26.3 °C

🌞 Number of sunny days: 28 


🌡 Average daily temperature: 29.8 °C

🏖 Sea water temperature: 27.1 °C

🌞Number of sunny days: 30


🌡 Average daily temperature: 25.9 °C 

🏖 Sea water temperature: 25.2 °С

🌞 Number of sunny days: 25 

My experience from Sithonia: 

The most pleasant period for a vacation in Halkidiki (Sithonia) is in June and September. During these months, you will swimmingly enjoy the unique nature of this peninsula, the beaches will not be as crowded as in the peak summer season. Also, the weather is more pleasant, so you can stay on the beaches in the hottest part of the day (with sun protection). The swimming season in Sithonia usually starts in mid-May and lasts until October. 

Sithonia Halkidiki Greece Summer
Sithonia Halkidiki Greece Summer

In addition to climatic features, other factors must be taken into account: 

✅ in July and August prices for everything (rent of apartments, cars, boats, groceries in the store) are much higher. Especially in August (the holiday period in Greece and many European countries). 

✅ In July and August, there will be much more tourists everywhere, including the Greeks themselves. Therefore, many beaches will be crowded.

Assa Maris Hotel Akti Salonikiou Sithonia Greece summer
Assa Maris Hotel – Akti Salonikiou – Sithonia Greece

💬 When were you in Greece and what was the weather like? What is the most comfortable month for you to stay in Greece?

author: @greeceforu

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