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While Kassandra is the hot spot of Chalkidiki’s nightlife, Sithonia is the place to be if you wish for spending your entire day on the beach, enjoying all from swimming in the turquoise waters, sunbathing on the golden sand, and having lunch to sipping your favorite cocktail at the beach bar, meeting new people and partying all night long while dancing to the most groovy sounds.

So, do the names Mannasu, Ethnik, Talgo, Kochyli, or Goa sound familiar to you? Let’s find out…

The beach bar Manassu is probably the most popular one amongst all. You will find yourself there if you get to Akti Oneirou and ideally find a place for your tent in the excellent camping facilities or book a bungalow. This is the place where you will find it all if you don’t have much time to move around: accommodation, restaurants, cafes with sunbeds, and of course, loud music, parties, and events hosted all the time. Discover more on the Akti Oneirou official website.

manassu beach bar akti oneirou

Heading towards Toroni and the beautiful beach of Tristinika, you will find there the beach bar Ethnik, very close to the Isa camping facilities. This is your place-to-be if you long for something more remote and you are dreaming of enjoying your drink in a more relaxing, yet lively and wildly beautiful place. The combination of the stunning sunset with a long sandy beach in a rocky but green environment will definitely carry you away and make you let all your worries behind, experiencing a relaxing, exotic vacation full of music and colors. Visit the official Ethnik Facebook page of the bar to get informed on all the upcoming events and parties.

Ethnik Beach Bar

Talgo beach bar is the meeting point for those seeking crowdy and vibrant music events and parties on the beach. You will get there by heading east of Nikiti, to the Vourvourou beach. Make sure you get there early in case you want to have a parasol! Find out more on the official Talgo Facebook page.

Close to Talgo, you will find the alternative choice of Kochyli beach bar on the beach of Agios Ioannis, just between Nikiti and Neos Marmaras. The day there starts early and you can enjoy your drink and swing to a loud alternative lounge or dance rhythms on the sand. Reasonable prices compared to the excellent service offered in a beautiful and friendly environment. Direction and reviews you can see here.

Kochyli beach bar

Close to Sarti, on the small beach of Tranos Agios Nikolaos, you will discover Goa, a small beach bar with unique African-themed decoration, ideal for your after party. Don’t worry if you find it hard to get there, there is a free mini-bus service that drives you from Sarti to the spot! Visit the official Goa Facebook page to get regularly updated on the events and parties hosted in Goa.

Goa beach bar

So, this is where the heart of Sithonia beats at night and not only! Explore more choices in places such as Del Mar in Sykia, Orange bar in Kavourotripes, Cavo and Chica in Kalamitsi, Mango in Kalogria, Las Bandidas in Stiladario, and more! Pack your stuff, leave the fast-paced cities’ life behind and get ready for the real party!

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