Waterdrop Festival

Waterdrop Festival is a spectacular sport and music festival promoting the watersports lifestyle, music, and irresistible Greek nature. Three major ingredients for a good time!

The essence of this festival is helping you to engage with seaside activities accompanied by the sound of major artists indefinitely one of the most beautiful Greek landscapes.

The festival is taking place for the second time at the Private Shore of Porto Carras, Sithonia Chalkidiki. It lasts for 3 days in the heat of the summer (17th -19th of July).

Waterdrop Festival

The event is on a breathing-taking natural shore with blue-green water, golden sand, and pine trees lying above the sea! On the private shore, there are 3 beaches- the main one will host the stage and F&B section, while the two others will host all the water sports & activities.

Waterdrop Festival sport

Access to the spot is available only from the main entrance of Porto Carras and course car parking is available in the area.

Camping is not allowed here but a camp near here offers special prices to holders of the WaterDrop Pass.

At the place of the venue, you can find a water-sports zone, a stage on the sand, a Chill Zone, a Cocktail & Juice Bar, BBQ & Light Food, merchandise, WC & showers, and first aid, just in case.

It starts at noon every day and lasts until the end of the last set in the evening or early in the morning.

Waterdrop Festival party

And we are proud to offer you some new, some classic and very interesting sports activities (Flyboard, the new water-powered jet pack, Subwing, the wing which will transform you into an underwater pilot, a pro-rider Mastercraft will be available at the beach, a new-entry watersport which combines balance, exercise and lots of fun with a board and a paddle, sailing introduction with dinghies and open-sea boats, of course, yoga, exploring the nearby paths and shores of Porto Carras, exploring an underwater path with the masks and fins available at the beach, Slackline-walking on the rope…).

Waterdrop Festival sport

Also, we have professional instructors to guide you to the first steps of scuba diving.

Canoe & Sea Kayak will be available on the spot for small trips at the nearby shores.

Waterdrop Festival sport

Or you can just find your secret hammock spot, where you can chill away for the “main” event!

Waterdrop Festival

Pack your bags and not miss this huge and exciting event!

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