Jazz My Ass – Maori Bar

For three summer nights, four talented musicians of the domestic scene and nine elite DJs on a weekend experience at the exotic Maori Beach Bar!

The Music Kitchen presents the “Jazz My Ass” from Friday 24 to Sunday, July 26, 2015, and promises us a weekend with 100% vinyl DJ sets and live music in a jazzy mood. So, we will enjoy the traveler landscape on Akti Pyrgou, with fascinating music, endless hours of relaxation, and lots of surprises in an idyllic setting.


Our music hosts are the Rolas, 4est, George Pentzikis, Bambino TUSM, Benjamind, P-wax, Savvas Chatzichristos, Taratata, Pete Zandia, John Le Garcon, R-SR, Go Fine, Vassilis ‘blue’ Sotiriou, and special guests.

The «Maori» tops the bay which forms the second and third leg of Chalkidiki. An open and welcoming place, open from early morning until late at night, with hot and cold coffees, a wide variety of snacks, juices, exotic cocktails, alcoholic or not, and whatever else we might need to make our walk by the sea more enjoyable and quality.

Made exclusively from natural materials, all tied harmoniously in nature, to make you think that you are far away from where you really are.

For more information: www.maori.gr, info@maori.gr
Maori, Αkti Pyrgou, Gomati, Chalkidiki
The entrance is free.

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