Visiting Greece this summer look promising for American and European tourists – COVID19 March update

With last winter days and new spring life emerging everywhere around us, a spark of hope can be felt in the hearts of those who want to travel to Greece. Maybe this year? Who will travel to Greece this summer 2021?

At the moment, this greatly depends on the vaccine rate, Covid-19 rates and of course, the talk of vaccine passports.

At the ITB Berlin trade show last week,  from the Athens Acropolis Museum, the most famous ancient monument, Greece’s Minister of Tourism  Harry Theocharis confirmed that travel to Greece will be possible for all tourists this summer, no matter where they come from.

Harry Theocharis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greece is determined to start its summer season by mid-May in a joint attempt to forget all the unpleasant memories of the pandemic that lasted a lot longer than anyone could have imagined.

Conditions for travel in Greece this summer

The tourism minister for Greece explained foreign visitors will need to have proof they have been vaccinated, provide a recent negative Covid-19 test, or have antibodies for the virus.

And that makes all the talk about vaccine passports more interesting and relatable.

We all know tourism is a major income earner for them and one in five Greeks work in tourism, so we are sure Greece will do all in its power to make this summer season possible but make sure its citizens are protected and healthy, as well as visitors. Unlike some other countries, Greece sacrificed its tourism for the health of its citizens by imposing a strict lockdown and travel ban. That shows us the seriousness of their government and true care for people’s health.

Conditions for American tourist who planning Greece this summer 

Greece is an incredibly popular destination for Americans.  Emirates Airlines recently announced it would be reinstating its route connecting New York with Athens. From there, it’s only a short flight or ferry ride before arriving on famous islands. However, while you are there, we recommend you take it a bit further and visit Sithonia Halkidiki and in this truly wild but serene place, forget all your worries for a while.

Conditions for Brits who planning to travel to Greece this summer

Brits are coming to an end of their lockdown in most regions and hopefully will be able to travel to the early holiday bookings to Greece are surging.

Travel agents all over the world warn their clients that they may need to change dates if they book this spring. Likely, the first countries you will be able to visit as a tourist might be Italy and Greece, but everybody should be careful and not make strict plans as the pandemic situation has continued to change, keeping the travel industry on its toes.

sithonia greece
Visit Sithonia Greece

Needless to say, at this very moment, most EU countries don’t let American or British or most other tourists in. Let’s hope this is the beginning of an end and we will soon witness the new, better times. All our hopes are in vaccines and safety measures until further notice. Good luck to us.

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