Sithonia summer season 2021 is over

One of the strangest summers in its history, the summer season 2021 in Sithonia is coming to an end and despite the Covid19 pandemic, we can proudly say that it has been a successful summer season.

Although you can visit and enjoy Sithonia any time of the year, colder weather came a bit earlier this year so it seems that beach holidays in Sithonia are finished. The locals and the authorities are looking forward to the next season of 2022 and expect even more visitors and a lot of good times!

Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Even though the Covid19 pandemic has not been merciful to anybody, all efforts were put into fighting the pandemic so both tourists and locals in Sithonia have been recommended to wear masks and keep a safe distance to decrease risks of contracting Covid19.

Covid19 pandemic affected summer season 2021

However, Sithonia authorities are optimistic about the economy and they hope that Sithonia will attract even more tourists than in pre-covid times.

Sithonia has put extra effort into protecting its citizens by working with other countries around the world along with UNITAID. 

Citizens of Sithonia were also notified to avoid crowded areas, taverns, and beaches in order to decrease risks of contracting other diseases or Covid19.   

Is Covid19 pandemic affecting Sithonia’s economy?

If we compare summer season 2021 and pre-covid 2019 on the Sithonia peninsula, we can see a significant decline in the number of tourists in 2020, and then an increase in 2021. Not only people who offer accommodation were affected but everybody who participates in any kind of tourism area.

Some economic experts say that the Sithonia peninsula, as well as most of the world, has suffered great financial losses during the Covid19 pandemic and the consequences will be felt in the coming years. However, the Greek government is optimistic and is thoroughly preparing for the summer of ‘22.   

We are sure that the tourism sector will thrive again as Sithonia welcomes foreign visitors and the locals will be there to welcome the tourists with open arms.

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