New luxury hotel opening on Agios Ioannis beach in May 2022

If you have been passing through or touring the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia, you couldn’t have missed the Agios Ioannis beach, just south of Nikiti.

However, if you visited it in the last few years, you saw that a big part of it turned into a construction site. We have all been wondering about it and now the mystery is over.

New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach
New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach

In May 2022, the construction of the five-star luxury hotel will be completed and it will open its gates to the very first visitors.

The hotel unit is part of a larger project worth 50 million euros, and it includes a tourist village, too. It is implemented through the development law.

What we know now is that this giant will have a capacity of 500 beds at an area of ​​about 13,000 sqm. Of course, there will be  parking spaces, and swimming pools with a total area of ​​about 3,000 sqm.

New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach
New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach

The  central building of this complex will have three floors  and “clusters” of two-floor bungalows as well as some other facilities (tavern, beach bar, etc.).

Also, the total area of the complex (267 acres) will be divided into three zones.

Zone I, of course, includes the luxury hotel itself.

Zone II , of about 125 acres, is reserved for the tourist village consisting of 150 houses of at least 200 sq.m. each.

Zone III, of 51 acres, will be a zone of recreation. 

In the total area there will be 26 acres of forest  with very little outside changes. 

The permits for the infrastructure have already been approved while a ministerial decision for the building permits of the houses is pending. So, keep your eye on them if you are looking to buy real estate of that kind in Sithonia.

New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach
New luxury hotel on Agios Ioannis beach

In short, Sithonia will be richer in one huge resort. Although it is known for its wilderness and unconventionality, it seems this new project will not change the main features of Sithonia. It will stay the same, just improving its offer.

We are hoping for a good summer 2022 and maybe we will see you in the premises of this new Sithonia jewel.


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