August 2021 in Sithonia – the tourists are here

August the 15th is the day the Greeks think of as the peak of summer. After that day the season slowly sets and it is time, to sum up, the impressions. 

What a summer it has been so far! We will not try to review this summer season so far because we want to stay positive and we still have time to catch up with the well-deserved sunbathing and swimming!

Greece has been dealing with a rise in numbers of infected cases recently, but Sithonia itself is not having such a bad season! Tourists are rushing to their favorite beaches again, and with all the measures against spreading the Covid19 virus, everybody is learning to live in the pandemic era, and starting to enjoy life again. Of course, we all wish to relax completely and enjoy the summer holidays, as we did before the pandemic.

Orange Beach Sithonia Greece
Sithonia Greece

Until then, we will stay on our lovely beaches, trying to forget about Covid19 for a few hours, a few days, because on the beach – that piece of heaven- we try to recharge and reduce stress. It is our escape place.

How to get to Greece in August?

If you are still planning your summer vacation, you can find the rules for entering Greece on the official Greece Government website: https://travel.gov.gr/

It stresses that all travelers must complete their PLF before entering Greece, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece.

Besides that, you will need a green certificate or a negative PCR test. You will find all the other details on the Greece Government official website: https://travel.gov.gr/

Sithonia Greece Orange Beach
Sithonia Greece

The local business owners are full of positive words, satisfied with the summer season so far. They say: ”All is better when you see many cars with friendly license plates”.

Now that we live in a pandemic era, it has become clear that we still can enjoy summer and sea on the best beaches in Greece if we follow the measures and stay positive! See you in Sithonia!

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