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Did you know Belgrade was the main inspiration for the famous Serbian writer and painter, Momo Kapor? You can feel the soul and heart of Belgrade just by reading books like “Ada”, “Una”, and “The magic of Belgrade”. But why only read about it, when you can come and experience in person all the pleasures that Belgrade has to offer?

Famous for its food, vivid nightlife, and countless attractions, Belgrade is the perfect place to spend your holiday in. This article will guide you through Belgrade’s nightlife, restaurants, and unforgettable attractions.

Belgrade – Ada bridge

Top 5 Belgrade attractions and landmarks

Honestly, it was difficult to single out the top 5 attractions and landmarks in Belgrade, but we did our best to try and show you at least a glimpse of the experience, so continue reading.

Knez Mihailova

Almost 800 m long pedestrian street, paved with stores, bars, restaurants, and shops makes it a perfect shopping experience. Here you can find everything you need and, for the best experience, we recommend visiting around the winter holidays, as the Christmas decorations are truly captivating.

Kalemegdan fortress

Walking through Knez Mihailova will take you straight to the Kalemegdan fortress, one of the most important representatives of Belgrade’s cultural heritage. The fortress is packed with museums and all year round concerts and different manifestations are held here.


Cramped with restaurants that serve local food and delicious wine, this is a place to be if you are a fellow food lover. Not only that your belly will be fed, but your ears as well, as this is the place where only live Serbian music is played.


On the other side of the river, at the top of the hill on the Danube shore, stands a Gardos tower. When climbed to the top, you can get a whole different view of the city. So pack your backs and go straight to Zemun.

Temple of Saint Sava

Being one of the largest Orthodox temples in Europe, the temple of Saint Sava is built on the ground believed to be the site where Saint Sava’s remains were burned. This is the largest temple in the Balkans, and the golden interior is truly captivating.

Nightlife and restaurants in Belgrade

When vising any city, one of the things that come to mind, apart from sightseeing, are places with some good booze and nightlife. That’s why we’ve dedicated this section to the best places for drinking and eating.

Bars, pubs, and rafts

Belgrade is famous for its nightlife spots, so if you are looking for places that serve craft beers, we recommend visiting places like Dogma Brewery or Gunners Pub. If you are more of a cocktail kind of person, then Dorcol is a place to be. Blaznavac, Bajloni, and Bar Central are places worth visiting.

Maybe you are more of a clubbing and dancing kind of person? Don’t worry we’ve got recommendations for that too. Make sure to visit clubs like Tarapana, Hype, or Komitet. It is known that the best parties in Belgrade are organized on rafts. Raft clubs that are must-visit are Zappa Barka, Freestyler, and Port By Community.

Top 5 restaurants in Belgrade

Here is our list of 5 best restaurants in Belgrade:

  • Tri sesira – set in the heart of Skadarlija, this restaurant serves delicious local food and good wine. Make sure not to miss it when you visit Skadarlija.
  • Monument – this one is for those with a bigger pocket. The luxurious interior and tasty Mediterranean food will leave you speechless.
  • Saran – or in English, carp, this place is a must-visit if you want to experience a true Zemun charm. Packed with gourmet meals, mostly fish, of course, and high-quality drinks, this restaurant will feed all your senses.
  • Frans – is probably the most famous restaurant and the one that first comes to mind when you think of Belgrade. Accessible from all sides of the city, Frans offers a wide range of dishes from different types of cuisines.
  • Hanan – is a place that serves some top-notch Lebanese dishes. Traditional Lebanese cuisine, belly dancers, and hookah will give you a true Arab experience.

There you have it, we’ve equipped you with enough information and we’ve managed to squeeze enough places worth exploiting for when you decide to visit Belgrade. We hope you will enjoy your city in this beautiful city and will always come back for more.

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