The Magic of Vourvourou

Vourvourou is a unique place that combines coniferous forests and beautiful lagoons of the Aegean Sea. 

Things to do in Vourvourou:

 ☑ Beaches

There are 3 of them here: 

Vourvourou beach

The length is 4 km. The sand and shallow terrain make it ideal for children of all ages. 

Karidi beach

Golden sands and conifers around. The coastline has a very beautiful shape. Karidi beach is also suitable for children because of its long white-sand shallowness. 

Karidi beach Vouvoutou Sithonias Halkidiki Greece
Karidi beach Vouvoutou – Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Fava (professorial) beach

We found this beach by accident. The place is picturesque – it is located in the middle of the forest, and there are large stones along the edges of the bay. The beach is covered with sand, a rather abrupt descent into the water, waves are often present, and there is practically no natural shadow.

☑ Try moussaka at Edra Tavern

Here it is the most delicious and costs only 3 €. You can also buy a lot of ready-made food here, so as not to cook at home. 

☑ Rent a speedboat and explore 9 uninhabited islands and the largest island, Diaporos

There are settlements there. Swim to the Blue Lagoon. It is located between two islands opposite Vourvourou. In this place, the bottom of the sea is sandy. The depth is about 3 meters. Along the perimeter at the bottom, there is seagrass and the color of the water in this place is dark, so a beautiful contrast is created: light turquoise water with a shadow from the boat at the bottom, and along the edges of the lagoon the water is dark blue.

vourvourou sithonia halkidiki greece
Vouvoutou Sithonias – Halkidiki Greece

🚤 the boat can be rented for the whole day. This does not require a special license. A passport or regular driving license is enough. It is advisable to book a rental. The deposit will be 15-20 €. Rental price from 70 euros per day + petrol. Depends on boat type and company. 

☑ ride bicycles through the village and coniferous forests with a good road nearby

For me, this place, and especially Fava Beach, is a place of power. It possesses unique energy of calmness and happiness. 

💬 What is your favorite place, where you can feel yourself really happy and safe?

author: greeceforu

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