Cycling Sithonia – Grab a bike and follow us!

Recollecting their childhood dashing out with their friends, the joy they felt discovering new locations and secret paths. The laughter, the freedom and the fast moving that this wonderful two-wheeled vehicle offered. Strong pedaling,flat tires, wading in the mud, carrying their broken bike on their back in the rain.
Biking Sithonia
How special all these moments for each of them are! All these memories are squeezed in a small space , and that is bike shop of Carduus Bike, where you will find anything you might need regarding the bike…

Carduus bike
An old bike can be «reborn» and recreated and they can find any accessories you may need for your new bike. Their passion and love for nature, environment and life, pushed them along with the above to discover routes and quide you to amazing places always riding a bike.
Biking Sithonia

Live your lifetime experience on a bike in the secret paradise of Halkidiki

If you explore the unseen side of her with Carduus Bike you will have the opportunity to experience unique moments by following rare roots. Besides the numerous monuments and the archaeological sites you will visit the deep blue coasts where you can refresh yourselves in. Also you will have the chance to come closer with the forests, rivers, and secret locations on the mountains and beaches and all those of course on a bike! Carduus Bike offers you the possibility, you can offer yourself the choice… Biking Sithonia – Grab a bike and follow us!
Biking Sithonia


Contact Information
Open all year
Mob: (+30) 6978183242
Tel: 2377023891
Email: carduusbikes(at)gmail.com
Web: www.carduusbike.com
Facebook (Greek): Carduus Bike


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