Yoghurt with Honey (Giaourti me meli)

Have you ever had a guilt-free dessert? Well, you can here!
Yoghurt with honey
Choose one of the ‘kantinas’ on many viewpoints and enjoy this simple but great dainty (we recommend Androklis kantina just a little north of Sarti). Greek yoghurt, rich in protein, with less sugar and fewer carbohydrates, covered with delicious home made honey- it’s a treat you cannot resist. If you decide to try it in a café, you can complement it with nuts, chocolate or fruit syrup. But if you choose natural surrounding, you will not be able to discern your senses-the taste of the treat, the scent of pine trees, and the view of the infinite blue sea.
Note: this dessert is not guilt-free because it’s fat-free, but because at one moment you are worry-free…



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