Maori Beach Bar – Gomati

The Maori is an “All Day Beach Bar” on the beach of Pirgo in Gomati, Halkidiki

Maori Beach Bar – Gomati
Maori Beach Bar – Gomati

The geographical location is between the peninsulas of Mount Athos and Sithonia. The construction of the Bar, as well as other sites of Maori, has been made using only natural materials (Macoute African palm, wood, stone, and sand).

Maori Beach Bar – Gomati
Maori Beach Bar – Gomati – exterior

With some free campers in the quiet distance, overlooking the island of Ammouliani background with the top of Mount Athos, lose yourself in a world almost forgotten, far from the frenetic tourist frenzy.

Having lush mountains behind and the music of the waves of the blue sea in front is a paradise of freedom. For successful detoxification, a whole day visit is recommended. With home care, cold sandwiches and other snacks are prepared on the spot.

Maori Beach Bar – Gomati beach
Maori Beach Bar – Gomati beach
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