Paradise Studios – Toroni

Toroni paradise studios

You find yourselves precisely in the point where the visitor of Northern Chalkidiki wishes to combine their roaming in the enchanting landscapes in combination with a comfortable, modern, hospitable stay. The group of buildings is found 20 meters from the beach, offering direct access to central points of Toroni and in the enjoyment of the blue sea. Umbrellas and sunbeds are provided for free, where visitors can savor the sea and sun.

Special room

The philosophy of the enterprise aims at catering to tourist visitors on a 24-hour basis and at their comfort during their stay. The fully updated interior places of the accommodation combine functionality with an aesthetic approach( free Wi-Fi to common areas and to all studios). We adopted an environmentally friendly practice for the prevention and saving of conventional energy and we also make sure that the building disposes of aiding systems for the disabled so that their access is unimpeded to the interior of the buildings. Visit us for holidays in our Paradise.

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