Another beautiful village with a cool-meaning name (sykia=fig tree) is definitely worth your visit. It is in the southeast of Sithonia, only 5km south of Sarti and you should visit it if your heart longs for tradition, peace, and privacy.

Although perhaps not so well known, Sykia is the biggest village in Sithonia. It does not lie on the beach but a little bit further inland. However it is in a bay and it has extraordinary beaches nearby so we could easily call them Sykia beaches (Kriaritsi, Tourkolimnionas,  Klimataria, Tigania, etc.). They are all amazing and breathtaking, each in its own way and we recommend you visit every one of them. Of course, most of them have a taverna or a bar where you can lounge all day long and soothe your hard-working nerves.

The main Sykia beach is 3km away from the village and, of course, it has been awarded the Blue flag for cleanliness and organization. It is beautiful and very popular amongst campers as well as the whole bay, as it is astonishing but with not a lot of hotels and villas. New accommodation facilities and restaurants have been built closer to the beach but you still have good reasons to go to the village – grocery shopping, etc. 

Sykia Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Population: 1,903 (2011)

Postal code: 630 72

Don’t get scared of the Sykia ghost village ( OMG What?). It is nothing more than a maze of intertwined roads in the middle of nowhere. It was supposed to be a part of a hotel resort but its development never happened and is deserted now (unless you count local goats roaming their ‘hood’).

Also, don’t miss out on Sykia distillery and try their famous Tsipouro.

Sykia is also one of the oldest villages in Sithonia as its history reaches back to the Byzantine age.

The landscape here is rough and dry – mostly rocks and bare land, and we could proudly say it depicts the Sykia population – rough, strong, and tough. So it goes without saying that they played an important role in the fight against the Ottoman empire.

On the other hand, the gentleness of this whole area will soften everybody to the core.

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