Pyrgadikia​ is a small fishing and tourist village on the very edge of the northeast of Sithonia.

Pyrgadikia village in the Sithonia peninsula, built on the coast of Siggitikos Bay, is located in the southeast of Sithonia (about 110 km southeast of Thessaloniki) (part of the Aegean sea). The village has about 400 people living there. Every year on September 8th, the Panagia holiday is celebrated in the village’s main church.

The village’s name is most likely derived from the phrase “peri Gardikeia” (about Gardikeia), which evolved into Pyrgadikeia and then Pyrgadikia. The settlement was known by its current name throughout the Byzantine era. Following the Greco-Turkish War, numerous refugees from the village of Afthoni (on the island of Marmara) migrated to Pyrgadikia. Pyrgadikia’s educational and cultural society is now known as Afthoni, after the settlement of the same name.

The locals’ main source of income is from providing tourist services. The village has a very pleasant Plaka area where guests can dine and rest. Furthermore, the area is surrounded by several gorgeous beaches. Salonikios Beach, Gyalikes Beach, Eirini Beach, Agios Theodoros Beach, and Latomeio Beach are among the surrounding beaches. Campus Beach is the most well-known of the beaches.


Population: About 400 permanent residents

Postal code: 630 78

Once only a fishing village, now Pyrgadikia is a modern small town built on a hill, in the shape of an amphitheater. Pyrgadikia is definitely one of those places that have a special spirit and atmosphere, so you should definitely visit.

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